Amazon Reviewer and Product Tester Survey

Are you a Product Reviewer or Product Tester? If so, please take the survey below!

Like most surveys, the first third is typical demographics questions. The rest is a first-look at how Reviewers and Product Testers view the business, their opinions and what they experience. All of this has been something many of us guess at or never even thought to ask. And I’m excited about it, since this will be the first time our industry sees who makes up Reviewers and Product Testers!

To take the survey, scroll down inside the window below.

Had reports of the embedded form below not working well on your phone or hard to find. You can view the original form here. Hope that helps.

What are we going to do with the results?

I am going to aggregate the results and share them with the community right here. NO emails will be shared with anyone, and no raw data will be provided.

I will go over each question’s aggregated responses to help explain what they mean to the community, and give Sellers/Brands some guidance on what to do with the information to improve their service.

Depending on the responses, this may spin off another survey to find out secondary or deeper learnings about a specific area.


Jessica Edwards

I agree. Time to take pictures and not down thoughts. Also, I do honest reviews. Nothing irritates me more than being approached for a review, I do it, and then the company tells me to change the rating. Um. No. Honest or nothing.

Jamie Robertson

Your form is a pain to fill out using a mobile phone, it jumps all over the place and not to the next question


Thank you for your feedback. For visitors that are viewing this on small screens and phones, I now show a link to the original form. Hope this helps!


The amount of time I like to evaluate a product before submitting my review depends almost entirely upon the product itself.
For example: Say that I am evaluating a dietary supplement that states right on the label that I will need to be on the recommended daily dose for two weeks to experience the full benefits of the product. I can’t be expected to post a comprehensive review that is of any value to anyone within days of it being delivered, as MANY sellers “require”

Darleen Nccorchuk

I have always enjoyed giving feedback because when I go to purchase I look at reviews before I buy.


BOY! Did I have to do some looking and re-reading to figure out WHERE the survey was!


I am extremely unhappy that Amazon will not mark a purchase as “verified” even though I’ve been a Prime member for years and I have the Amazon credit card. I wish there was a way to weed out the fake reviews from the genuine ones. I will never write a good review just because the company asks me to. But unfortunately many reviewers are not verified and Amazon shoppers have started looking only at verified purchases. The time frame, as a user described above, largely depends on the product being tested.

katherine figuerres

I,d like to do something valuable and fun on my free time. i love to share my insights on products that needed reviews and help sellers who are looking for reviewers.

Kate B

Unfortunately for me? I had my entire Amazon Reviewing Profile and Reviews all deleted – and almost 300 of the reviews – were before I ever heard of a Reviewer Club – or Discount Promo Code – but because I didn’t UNDERSTAND what has been going on – I LOST IT ALL!

BEWARE PEOPLE — Make sure you Truly Understand Amazon’s TOS! If only I understood before it was too late!

It’s OK to receive products at discounted prices – the problem is: You Cannot Leave a Review for the product without leaving the Disclaimer and Amazon won’t let you leave the disclaimer – so the bottom line is:

If you get a product at a discounted price – DON’T LEAVE A REVIEW.

You’ll loose your account – and Amazon Will NOT give it back.

Check out the Community Forum for “Top Reviewers” if you want more information…. It’s been a truly Eye Opening Experience.

Kristi Huffman

Hello, I am just looking for something new to try and I seen this site.. Excited to see how and if it is a legitimate option.. Thanks for your consideration


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