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Screenshot of Centercode’s website as of Jan 1, 2017

Centercode details

Based in:
Laguna Hills, California, USA
Amazon Stores supported:
Can be used for any Amazon store, read below.
Service highlights:
beta testing, product testing
request an estimate (based on your product and feedback needs), free trial available for some services
Notable sign up requirements:
varies depending on the services you need.

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Overview of Centercode

Centercode is for Sellers that are interested in testing their product before placing them on Amazon. Why would they want to do that? Because ordering tons of product and shipping it to Amazon and setting up a page is expensive. If the product is junk, you will likely not be selling much of it after the first wave of bad reviews come back. So why not get some samples and test them with real users before you invest in it? That’s where Centercode can help.

How can Centercode’s services help Amazon Sellers?

They offer software that can help you perform the beta testing with your own group of people, or you can use their Betabound service to reach out to product testers worldwide.

Here is how they are different than other product testing programs we have listed.

  • the beta testers create profiles telling Betabound what devices, platforms, and equipment they have to test your products on
  • they support testing hardware, games and software, wearables, phones and more
  • they enforce that ALL beta testers must give their honest feedback after using the product
  • you can give testers tasks to complete with your product so that you know they used it in a specific way, or used all the features of the product
  • this is NOT a program to get reviews on Amazon or Seller feedback
  • your products will be shipped directly to the beta tester, so no more having to deal with Amazon coupon codes

Again, if you are a Seller that is manufacturing your own goods, or looking to purchase white- and private-label products, I strongly suggest you test them out before you invest your money. And, more importantly, use the feedback you get to improve the product or request the private-label service improve it before you buy it.

This is a great way to improve the quality of your products, and therefore your brand as an Amazon Seller. And, since this is a third-party program that happens before you upload your products to Amazon, this can be used for any Amazon store worldwide.

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