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Screenshot of Kibly’s website as of Dec 19, 2016

Kibly details

Based in:
Carson City, Nevada, United States
Amazon Stores supported:
.com (USA), (UK), .br (Brazil), .ca (Canada), .cn (China), .fr (France), .de (Germany), .in (India), .it (Italy), (Japan), .es (Spain)
Service highlights:
dashboard, email automation, review alerts, Seller feedback campaign
3 tiers for 6K, 30K and 120K emails sent per month; plus FREE 14-day trial
Notable sign up requirements:
Your name and email address, plus credit card (even for the free trial.)

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Overview of Kibly

Kibly is an email automation tool for Amazon Sellers. If you are having trouble getting feedback and reviews, or seem to only get the negative ones, this automation system uses a proven model to get your customers to write valuable reviews for your products.

Kibly’s services for Amazon Sellers

The core of their service is email automation. They work to get you more Seller feedback and reviews, which we all know gets you more sales.

They claim you can be up and running in minutes by using their email templates. A couple of their plans have the ability to A/B test the emails so you can test what works for you. This can be handy if your customers don’t quite fit the email templates they offer.

Pricing works out to be 1,000 emails a month per Amazon product in their Rank Tracker. And for the top tier you can track up to 120 products at a time, for up to 120,000 emails per month. Additional emails come with a surcharge per 1,000 emails over the limit (they will notify you before this happens.)

They have a TON of very inspiring testimonials on their site with people seeing huge improvements for their Amazon Stores.

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Learn more and sign up on their website.

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