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Screenshot of Amazon Review Club as of Aug 25, 2016

Amazon Review Club (AMZRC) details

Based in:
Santa Rosa, CA
Countries supported:

Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
mostly discounted (20-90% off), but some are free
Review policy:
“You agree to leave a review for every item purchased on our site on social media (not on Amazon).”
Notable sign up requirements:
email and Amazon Profile URL
Support email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Amazon Review Club

Amazon Review Club, also known as AMZRC, has been around for awhile now, and one of the more stable and consistent product testing programs out there.

They have a large marketplace of products (at time of writing) ranging from electronics, sunglasses, running gear, outdoor products, pet products, apparel, and more.

UPDATE: Andy at AMZRC told me their site is now using SSL sitewide! And I confirmed it. This is a great move in helping protect the information going between you and the site, and the information of those that log in.

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Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit AMZRC + sign up

They have an affiliate program!

Details straight from the AMZRC site:

  • Get 100% Commission Of Sales For Paid Accounts
  • Get Referral Commissions For Referring Other Affiliates
  • $5 Affiliate Sign Up Bonus – Get A $5 Commission Immediately!

Visit their affiliate page

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Disclaimer: The Reviewer Collective is an affiliate for AMZRC.

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How do you request items? I also saw this on one of the product listings: If for any reason you don’t like the product. PLEASE DO NOT POST A NEGATIVE REVIEW. Posting a negative review will result in sellers not posting great deals to this site.


Ok–I realized the deals that have listed (on the front page) all expired long ago, and that’s why none of them had a way to claim them!
I also wonder if the “no negative review” was written by the site or a seller, since I’ve only seen it on one product page.


That was listed by the seller. We only ask for honest reviews (as is plastered all over the site). If we caught this or it was reported to us, that deal would be taken down immediately.


Oops–I should have reported it to you (the host site) right away, after looking through more products, I realized it must have been the seller/poster. Btw–the new updates sound great!

OCside Support

We have a seller account and despite updating our payment information some time ago (as requested by AMZRC) we cannot log into our account as it says that the subscription has lapsed. We have contacted support and been told it can take 3-5 DAYS, and it is impossible to call or email anyone directly.

This is not good customer service and we would really appreciate someone addressing this asap.
Thank you


This website is very confusing, when I sort by category I can’t figure out how to make it show me only current deals….it’s all expired. If I scroll through the homepage where there are current deals I can’t see how much things would actually cost without clicking through a lot of stuff. Id also like to be able to sort things based on cost.


I just signed up today, it says i have to create a sellers page. is that correct? I don’t want to sell anything just do reviews on items.


AmzRC is not a very good review site if you are a seller. I used this club for one month. I was happy to see that my coupons were being snagged fast. My happiness turned into dismay when I saw my products appeared on site offered by another seller. I own this brand so no one else can sell them. This seller bought my products with my coupons and is now competing with me on Amazon. Of course he bought them at less than what they cost me.

The problem is that AmzRC does not give you any control over who snags your coupons. One person can grab a lot of them and then resell them. This is theft and a double whammy. Once you lose money when you sell your products heavily discounted and you lose money when this thief steals your customer. The problem can be solved if AmzRC allowed the sellers to screen the reviewers, like most other review clubs do. But when I brought the matter up with them they acknowledged the problem and said they will not change their policy.

I reported this violation to Amazon, but they said they will not intervene. So beware when you post your coupons on this site or any site that does not allow you to screen the reviewers. It is your responsibility to protect yourself. No one will do it for you. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Another problem in not having any control over who takes the coupons is that not all reviewers are mature people. My products are good less than 5% of the reviews have 3 stars. All the rest are 4 or 5 stars. But someone gave me a 2 star. When I looked at this person’s other reviews, I saw that she habitually gives bad reviews. It is not possible that all the products she reviews are bad. She is obviously a disgruntled or maybe careless/thoughtless/jealous/nasty individual. Had I seen her track record I would never have approved her to receive my product.

I ended my membership on AmzRC after a month and will never join a review site that does not give me any control to screen the reviewers. Even then they continued withdrawing mony from my Paypal account and when I wrote to them they did not reply. I stopped further payments from Paypal.

Now I make a list all those who ask for coupon and never send two coupons for the same product to the same person.


That’s a good idea (not giving more than two coupons to the same person. Unfortunately there are still those that will figure a way around that. Not sure what you can do besides copywrite your products or patent them so others cannot sell them. Not even sure that’s possible, but maybe worth checking on. Sorry to hear of your issues. People are very unscrupulous sometimes and it sucks.


do you know their customer service phone number? They charge my credit card 7 times monthly fee without my permission. And they don’t answer email at all! They don’t reply my email after charge my credit card 7 times monthly fee, be careful with them.


I am a member and put my profile link but it won’t work, I have tried to contact them I love writing reviews that are honest and have almost 2,000 since the end of October what to do? My link is correct, thanks in advance ☺



Please go to (make sure you’re already signed in to amazon). Copy that URL from your browser, and enter it on your members page in the text box section for your profile URL.


I signed up for this ‘club’ and provided them with my Amazon profile URL as required. Now I’m unable to login. The login page defaults to a ‘Sorry you need to change your Amazon user URL to this format’ and they are requiring an insecure www profile link. No https address will work, I just get the same error page. I’m unable to access my account to delete my membership because I’m not going to change my profile to an unsecure link. No email for member service is provided. AMCrc needs to be avoided.


whenever I find a deal I want, its always expired. I was signed up to this site before any others and I have never been able to get any product I was interested in. Even when on new deals always tells me expired or out of coupons- once less than 15 minutes after it said it went up. Would not recommend.


Hi Andy I have same issue as Sarah my profile url is correct but like she say it won’t take it
Is there a way to reset and put it again


Codes are for a much lower ra discount that a much lower discount hat stated * the only thing that site qors in reply in 48+ hrs saying that there is noything they can do- Cannot contact seller it seems that seller iis lowering discout =o codes already o ut there. Had a coode that finak orice wa more thndouble stated discount – comtacted Snagsnout & after 3 days they gave ck them for unethical prme no help so I purchased it 0- same price on Amaxson & eben highr=er checkout price- AGSHOUT NEEDS TIO VET THEIR VEndors Better & behavior!- Its Gin=vinh the company a bad name & I know dverl high ranking reviewers that have lrft because of this– BUWARE BEWARE!


This review site is a joke. EVERY code you get regardless of time of day or posting is invalid. They say go with non-prime sellers, I have done that and the code is still invalid.

I have wasted soooo much time on this site. I review tons of products from many different companies to waste anymore time.

Try and contact them?!?! HAHAHAHA NOW THATS A FUNNY JOKE. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to email their support unless it is as a seller. All they have is a forum.

Contacting the company is a joke, trying to get any product weather free or at a steep discount is a joke. There are wayyyyy too many competitive sites to waste time on this site. I personally like review kick.

Carrie Starke

I’m not a huge fan of this one. About 90% of the time I try to redeem a coupon code, they have all been used. I wish they would just say that they aren’t available anymore instead of leaving them in the list of things to purchase.


Every code I chose to “claim” doesn’t work. Then I’m stuck with this thing I have to review but when I try to just say anything so I can continue I can’t… getting really frustrated.


My least favorite of all of them. You see on the discount, then when you choose the item, the price is actually more than other review sites for the same product. Hit and miss on claiming a code

Lenarose Morgan, RMA

Worst review site ever! EVER EVER! Takes a thousand years to load, The sorting process is PAINFUL. and NOTHING is available. I can barely stay there 5 minutes. TERRIBLE WEB DESIGN! My husband is a web developer and programmer he laughed at this site and said it looks very novice and unprofessional. It’s sad because it had good price for sellers and that means more reviews for us! Sad….


Does’t work good for seller, you don’t even know whether your promotion code is posted or not, and if any reviewer has claimed the code, very comfusing.


I have same issue ,even some one has posted a review and i got approve message from email,but you never find this deal from there website


Generally, the review will be shown on product page when customers spend at least USD 5.00. Are the product free for review on Amzrc?


DO NOT ever use this site if you are a seller. I signed up as a seller was a given a trial of 3 months that would end on 10/18. The terms stated that if I were to cancel before then, there would be no charge. After trying the service out and having no luck, I put in a cancellation request on 10/14. They charged me on 10/18 and responded to my request on 10/19. It should not take 5 days to cancel your account! These guys are crooks and won’t respond to emails asking for a refund. Sellers beware!

penny lee

what is going on with the site? all of a sudden all the codes do not work.. and there is a message on my dashboard about updating my profile url? it worked just fine before I was a buyer.


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