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screenshot of amzone website

Screenshot of AMZ.One Deals Club website as of Mar 30, 2016

AMZ.One Deals Club details

Based in:
Graz, Austria
Countries supported:
Italy, USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Brazil, India
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
“FREE or extremely discounted and exclusive deals”
Review policy:
“We no longer request or require our Buyers to leave a product review so you should handle these offers as any other product you purchase on Amazon (products without discount).” source: email
Notable sign up requirements:
email and password (Amazon Profile URL is requested after you sign up)
Support email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of AMZOne Reviews

AMZ.One Deals Club, formerly known as “AMZOne Reviews”, has made it through the great Amazon Policy Change (more on that here) and came out still offering discounted product, and fully compliant with Amazon’s new terms of service.

They have a marketplace similar to a lot of other sites where you can pick items from dozens of offers.

Also noticed that they rank you and grade your word count on reviews. Word count is becoming more popular with reviews sites. Not sure why word count matters since any one could just get real wordy or fill it up with garbage text—not a good indicator of an honest or even well-thought out review. All it does it keep people from writing “Great!” as a review.

AMZOne dashboard

They are also affiliated with, a toolset to help Sellers with ranking, tracking and more.

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If you are a Seller on Amazon and are looking to improve your sales, check out the affordable tools AMZ.One has to offer.

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I was accepted for two products and the code worked as it should. No difficulties.


So I just joined AMZOne and there are hardly any products at all, I selected to search every category and only two pages of mostly cell phone cases and protectors were available. I’m sorry that I wasted my time and my email on this one but it was worth a shot anyway, I’ll keep trying others.


I would like to update my comment, I just checked out their site again and there are many products now available. I am happy to see they have so much more!. As I continue reviewing, it gets harder to find new products and this is just the site I was looking for, I’m excited again. Hopefully it will run smoothly. I’ll keep updating.


Very bad loooking site, hard to manage on it when browsing mobile and the prices really don’t look like bargain.
amzreviewtrader is still the best one stumbled upon so far. It’s free, you get updates by email and browsing products goes somewhat smoothly. Already received 2 completely free products that have good value(Magnesium Citrate supplement for 6 months and vitamin C/tea tree oil face serum. Also got great quality foam roller for £1; been signed up for 2-3 days only).
You can request up to 30 vouchers but you have to check if items are delivered to your adress on Amazon site. You also can’t view all of the items on Amazon for some reason so sometimes there’s lack of description.
Some offers that you requested expire but you don’t get notified, you just have to check it on your own in your list. I would stick to this site.


I am a member of several similar sites, but this one turn to be the best. For me at least. A lot of products are free, but even those that are not free are deeply discounted. Had some issues with 2 codes, but support resolved it with sellers during the same day.

Be patient and just follow the rules. Happy buying…


Can’t register. I keep clicking on “Create my account” but nothing happens. Have tried 2 different browsers.


Very similar to other site, a wide range of products to review. Discount wise, very similar to other sites. Personally, I have requested several items, none have been approved. Although, if I go to those “similar” sites, I am approved.

Tony Coleby

I have found that the site is a pale imitation of AmzRT. It has copied the entire functionality and feel and tweaked a few settings like tiers and review times.

For a UK reviewer like myself it’s infuriating to use because:

a) There’s sod all to actually request.
b) It thinks we live in the US. It doesn’t believe that Amazon do next day delivery here in the UK and that we can (and do) literally use a code on Tuesday evening, receive the product on Wednesday morning and have it tested and reviewed within 24 hours.

I have had 3 codes in a couple of weeks, one of which didn’t work with no seller response. The report times are longer too meaning most of the time I’m starting at pending requests or reported items.

Not worth it for the UK unless you are desperate to start on the review trail.

Carson T

I have been using for a couple weeks and have gotten about a dozen products for free with no issues whatsoever. However, I can’t find ANY information on other people using it, and it does seem like a visual rip-off of AMZ review trader. I’m starting to question it’s legitimacy…does anybody else think this could be a scam site? When you sign up you only give them an email and create a password, all ordering and payment is done through Amazon. And I’ve gotten everything I’ve asked for, from Amazon, and it is the real products.

Any thoughts???


There is zero help! They no longer respond to issues. They refer you to a Q&A style page to tell you what to do but if (like me) your problem is not on there, or you can’t get it resolved on your own, they will lock your account. Support just does not exist.


I signed up and was a member for a few weeks.
Most offers are for ‘discounts’ that are basically overpriced products offered at a normal price. So the main purpose here is to get people to buy stuff.
There are some – very few – genuine free products. Caution.
I get masses of spam, get personal harassment by email even though I asked them to stop, accecpted coupons from sellers that promised a 100% coupon and find at the checkout that it’s actually just a partial money-off coupon, get demands to pay with my own money and apply for a Paypal refund afterwards, get demands for 5* reviews, get instructions how to break Amazon’s rules…
Dealing with all this is stressful, and the few actual items received are not worth it.

Lee Ann

How do you know if you have been locked out of the site? I have not been chosen for any items since before Christmas before that was getting alot of items.


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