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Screenshot of BestOne Review website as of Jul 10, 2016

BestOne Review details

Based in:
Irvine, California
Countries supported:
USA (UK soon)
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Free for Reviewers, 3 types of plans for Sellers
Product cost:
30-100% off
Review window:
“Reviewers usually write a review within 14 days after receiving items”
Notable sign up requirements:
Name, Email address, Amazon profile link address
Program support email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with BestOne Review

BestOne Review reached out to me and asked to be listed here. (It’s hard to keep up on all the new review sites, so thank you for being proactive, BestOne!)

Keep in mind that “reviewers should keep over 70% review rate to get discounted products continually”, so be sure to review the items they send you! This is bit lower than others such as I Love to Review where if you don’t review one item your account is locked until you do so. Let’s be real: your review rate should be 100%.

They have a huge marketplace to choose from. At time of writing I saw a ton of clothes and handbags, but they have categories for a lot of other items too.

Sign up is pretty straight forward and easy—no mandatory facebook login/link or anything out of the ordinary.

Same company as Amazon Review Club?

Yep, apparently so. A reviewer alerted me to this, and I tried it out. When you sign up for BestOne, you get a confirmation email from “Amazon Review Club” on the BestOne domain. See below:
bestone email conformation

For Sellers

BestOne Review let me know that following for Sellers:

We have 4 different features from most other review sites.

  1. we have an ads program, so sellers keep their listing displayed in the main page without going next page.
    • Featured Items ads, Featured Seller Ads, Main Slider Banner
  2. We update reviewer’s feedback rate because review rate should be maintained over 70% by reviewer to request review continually.
  3. We support seller’s Amazon PPC campaign by providing keywords research service.
  4. We help their listing shown in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) that have huge target audience.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit BestOne Review to sign up

Let others know what you think of BestOne Review

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

Other Amazon Review Sites:

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This easy to set up and will keep posted how everything is going. Seem to really have a lot of smaller women’s clothing and beauty ad right now will keep watch and see what will be offer later on.


Thanks for giving us this awesome chance to introduce our review site.
We are providing best of best discounted products and deals continually.
We are offering very reasonable and affordable seller plan to get great reviews. πŸ™‚
Join as a seller and enjoy Amazon sales boost !
Join as a reviewer and enjoy receiving huge and various discounted products πŸ™‚


From Now on, UK Sellers can post their promotion freely πŸ™‚
Our site is totally free.Easy to upload all your promotion.
Of course, Buyers can use our site freely.
Thank You.


Hello Eric
We activated your account πŸ™‚
We’re really sorry for your inconvenience.
Next time, could you send email of your issues to our support team directly ? we will take great care of them. πŸ™‚
Thanks for joining as a reviewers
From now on, enjoy shopping for a lot of attractive discounted items πŸ™‚

Have a great day πŸ™‚


We are currently providing Unlimited Time Free Seller Plan.
So from now on, all registered and registering sellers have following benefits
1. Unlimited Time Free Membership[No Hidden Fee]
2. Uploading product list unlimitedly
3. List review club list up to 300 products
4. Unlimited Voucher Code Email
5. Unlimited Social Marketing Free
6. Email Campaign Support Free

BestOneReview has reduced unnecessary tools that sellers build up product reviews quickly and get sales boost effectively.
We focus on getting sellers have qualified reviews from thousands of reviewers for unlimited time quickly.

Check our new seller’s free membership plan.


Due to recent Amazon Review Policy Change, A lot of sellers and buyers ask some questions about leaving reviews and listing discounted products. So we are displaying our site FAQ to see the exact fact. ^^

Q : Amazon changed its Product Review Policy. Does your site abide by Amazon policy so that sellers can continue to list their discounted or free products?
A : Of course We asked Amazon Legal Team to review our site if there are any issues to keep us providing this service to sellers and buyers. Amazon Legal Team gave us the exact and perfect guideline. we followed all their our site is very safe site that sellers can list their discounted product or free item. It is no problem seller list discounted or free product in our site.

Q : I am a seller. What kinds of pricing plan do you have?
A : We have only one Unlimited Time Free Membership, No Hidden Fee – Super Free Plan

Q : I am a seller. Do you have any way to keep our list in the front page or to make our seller page accessible directly?
A : Yes. We have 3 Advertisement Program to do so. there are advertisement and campaign menu for this in seller page.
1. Main Slider Banner Ads program : Seller can display their main slider banner that has some message and ads images in main page
when shoppers click the banner, shopper can go to seller page directly.
2. Featured Seller Banner Ads Program : Seller can display their seller banner
when shoppers click this featured seller banner, shopper can go to seller page directly.
3. Featured Items : Seller can display their list by selecting up to 8 items in front page without disappearing next page
This ads program is the awesome feature that only bestonereview has for seller’s efficiency and convenience.

Q : What is the main difference of bestonereview among other sites?
A : We have totally free program only for sellers to promote seller’s sales on Amazon.
1. We are totally free. Seller can upload products unlimitedly and add up to 300 products to Deal club list with totally super free program.
2. Sellers can build positive brand value from thousands of shoppers in a short time.
4. We simplify all steps to build seller’s brand value by reducing all unnecessary steps or programs to promote sellers’ sales volumes.
5. we have advertising program to promote seller’s products more efficiently.
6. we are optimizing our site’s speed so that sellers and shoppers don’t have big trouble in accessing or uploading products or requesting Deals.

Q : How to join as shopper?
A : 1. No Membership Fee 2. Go to join as shopper menu 3. Click Join Now Button 4. get confirmation email

Q : How to join as seller?
A : 1. Go to Join as seller 2. Just Start Super Free – Unlimited Time Free | No Hidden Fee

Q : What is ads program for sellers?
A : BestOneReview has the great ads program to promote sellers’ discounted products more efficiently compared with other shopper sites
1. Main Banner Ads 2. Featured Product Ads 3. On each sellers page, seller can apply these ads program at any time.

Q : How to upload product and Deal club list in seller page?
A : It’s so simple. This process consists of just 3 steps.
1. add a product from seller’s page 2. Select products up to 300 that you want to add to deal club list.
3. Wait shoppers’ Deal request 4. approve each request of shoppers

Q : I am a shopper. How to get promotion code from seller?
A: It is also super simple πŸ™‚ 1. log in as shopper 2. click Request Deal button
3. select Request Deal button on pop up windows 4. wait until seller approve your request
5. you can apply coupon code right after getting approval from seller

Q : I am a shopper. Do I have to leave feedback after getting discounted product?
A: No. you don’t need to do any longer.Shoppers don’t have to leave a review for products. this is prohibited by Amazon

Q : What is the guideline of Amazon Review?
A: Refer to Customer Review Creation Guidelines

Q : How to contact BestOneReview Team?
A: You can contact at any time through our support email :


The products are ‘discounted’ by over-pricing them, and then ‘discounting’ them to the real price. These sellers aren’t after reviews, they’re just looking to sell to gullible buyers.


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