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better discounts website

Screenshot of Better Discounts’ website as of Jul 23, 2016

Better Discounts details

Based in:
San Francisco, CA, USA
Countries supported:
USA and Canada
Subscription cost:
Product cost:
discounted and free
Review window:
“wait at least 5-7 days to see results”, then write review
Notable sign up requirements:
First name, Email
Support email:
[email protected]

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Better Discounts

I found this site via an unsolicited email they sent asking me to do a review-in-exchange for a “free” bottle of probiotics. When I clicked through the email, I saw that the “free” item was in fact $1.99. First strike; chalking it up to a typo (and will be reaching out to them about it.) The owner got back to me and said that the initial batch of free items had been claimed in the first 2 hours, and the next tier was $1.99.

Super bare bones, email-only type site (no log in area at this time), and looks to have a small marketplace. But, STOP! It isn’t a marketplace for products to review. The products and links at the bottom of the site are just affiliate marketing—they likely get paid when you buy them.

So why share this review site?

Because the form at the top of the page is what we are after. Signing up there will place you on the list for getting notified about products being offered in exchange for your review. I cannot guarantee that they won’t also send you spammy emails slinging some affiliate product, so please do your due diligence before accepting products via their email. It should say “We would like to offer you this product for free in exchange for a review”, as it did in my recent email. Though, I did see this on their “latest discount” page:

We only send emails when we have new discounted product offers and we will never spam or share your information with any third party.

They have a link at the top right (and bottom) of their page to “Our Latest Deal” that takes you to a landing page with one deal showcased on it. Below is a screenshot of part of that page to give you an idea of how this program works. They are pretty transparent about the number of codes being offered (very rare in this industry!) and allow you to claim it right there. Details about the review-in-exchange contract are also available on that page.
better discounts screenshot

In short, this feels like a very new site that is trying out a couple things: reviews-in-exchange, and affiliate links to deals they find. I will reach out to them to get more details for you. They got back to me and the details above have been confirmed/updated.

Tell them I sent you!

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