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Based in:
Either Tualatin, OR; or Florida, United States
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
Discounted, with vast majority of products at 70% off or more.
Review policy:
“…you will no longer be required to write a review for that product until the dust completely settles and we know exactly how Amazon is going to proceed.” source: email
Notable sign up requirements:
Email, Choose Password, First Name, Last Name, and Amazon Profile ID; or sign up using your Facebook login and Amazon Profile ID
Use the Blue Ribbons Review contact form
Program status:

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Overview of Blue Ribbons Review

I have been receiving emails from them for about a year now. And I never signed up. The latest email I received featured 6 products from 73% off, and more.

Since I am already on their mailing list, I personally don’t really have any reason to sign up at the moment. But, I should I ever want to get one of the products they offer, I will need to sign up before doing so.

They have a public page where you can see what products they have in their marketplace right now. You can view it here. The vast majority of products are 50%-90% off. I do not see any that are free, at this time.

This site claims to be run by a Reviewer and Amazon Seller.

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Sarah Durham

I signed up and grabbed a couple of deals. Things to note, it says you are requesting of applying to purchase the items. However, the two I chose were instantly approved and the discount code loaded. These were items in the Baby and Kids category and both $3 or less on my part.

I did NOT have to use Facebook to sign up. It didn’t even ask for me to login in Facebook or connect my account. I did see a place to connect a few select accounts but it wasn’t required and was displayed after I created my account. It was a typical sign up process. Your name, password, and connect your Amazon account.


Thanks for letting me know! I updated the “Notable sign up requirements” section above to reflect that Facebook is not a requirement to sign up.

Michelle Johnson

I’ve found 3 deals so far: 2 on things I’ve been meaning to buy and 1 on something that will be helpful but that I might not have purchased if I hadn’t found it on this website. All 3 are from totally different categories. Purchases must be made within 48 hours to avoid the code expiring, which is totally understandable. From what I can tell from the pictures, the products look like they are quality. Can’t wait to find out for myself.


So glad to hear you found some products you needed and wanted 🙂 We also have had a lot of free products being put up but they have been going quick! I hope you enjoy them and look forward to your honest review 🙂


My initial experience…can’t even register. The page keeps throwing up a default page that encourages you to register, even while currently trying to.


Hey, I am one of the owners of Blue Ribbons Review and we are working on the auto play video on the main sign up page as I know it has been annoying for many. You can hit the pause button for now to make it stop playing but I already sent over to the website design team so they can see how to make it more user friendly for our reviewers 🙂
Also if you get emails from us and dont want to keep receiving them I apologize and make sure you click the unsubscribe from the list on the bottom of the email as we dont want to in any way make you feel spammed. 🙂

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and keep them coming we want this to be a great experience for you. And if you ever get a code that doesnt work or is expired just email us right away so we can contact the seller or offer a different code that does work. I am online all hours of the day and night answering emails so I will make sure to get answer as quickly as I can and feel free to ask any question you have too! Thanks again for the feedback!


I can’t register at blue ribbon review. The site keeps kicking me back to the beginning 1/2 way through the sign up process!!! I give up on this one!


Also having the same problem of being taken back to the Welcome/Register page halfway through the sign up process. Aside from the many technical issues, seems like a relatively decent site. Would have liked to have given it a try. Bummer.


Just registered – No problems, except it only wants the letters & numbers at the end of your profile.

Only about 75 products at this time – Will check back


Eh.. Have they changed since the tos update? When I select a deal now, it doesn’t provide a code or a way to request, just links to the Amazon product page.


Since TOS update no longer gives discounts… just links you directly to products that are priced lower by vendors most the prices are rather steep.. no more discount codes now for about 2 weeks 🙁


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