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deal go go go website

Screenshot of Deal Go! Go! Go! website as of May 17, 2016

Deal Go! Go! Go! details

Based in:
San Jose, CA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
they provide Amazon coupon codes for 50%-99%
Review window:
within 3 weeks after receiving the product
Notable sign up requirements:
Email, Password, Amazon Profile URL
use the Deal Go! Go! Go! contact form

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with Deal Go! Go! Go!

Jerry Guan from Deal Go! Go! Go! emailed me to tell me about his site, and asked to be added to this list. As I was making this page I noticed that the site doesn’t have a lot of information. I just emailed him back to recommend he add some info about the program to the site for reviewers. Looks like they added an FAQ link at the bottom of the page.

I have not yet signed up with this one. Looking through their public marketplace I don’t see anything that I personally need or want—lots of ladies fashion, phone accessories, cables, umbrellas, jewelry, and toys (at time of writing.)

The marketplace is HUGE, bigger than almost any other I have seen. There are dozens and dozens of items, and it made me wonder how a review site that “just launched” has so many deals. Either way, lots to choose from here.

There is a search function to help filter through the mountain of product. Problem is that the results seems very loosely associated to what I was searching. I typed in “pan” and got mostly iPhone cases and lingerie (no pans.) Other terms like “pillow” worked better.

Looks like the program works similar to other review sites with open marketplaces: you request a coupon code and then buy the item on Amazon. I am assuming virtually all items are fulfilled by Amazon and not sent directly.

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Doesn’t work for me either. I just emailed the owner to let him know. Thanks for letting us know!


Jerry just responded: “Yes. We got a server issue and we are fixing it now. It will be back soon. Thanks for your support.”

Regina Owen

Back to not opening again. home or login page opens but that is as far as you can get.


Ok, thanks for bringing it up! I’ll ping Deal Go Go Go’s owner to let him know.

Michelle Johnson

I see lots of great deals on things I actually needed! I did have trouble with a few of the codes. I hope my account won’t be penalized for not using everything I requested. Can’t wait to get the stuff and try it out!


The site won’t work on my iphone – i can get to the site but it won’t open the sign up or sibn in screen amd the contact page doesn’t work either.


This is probably the best review site I have joined. I have received quite a few products to review. You can get multiple products at the same time… There are hundreds of items to choose from… The one drawback is that I haven’t seen any free items, only deeply discounted ones. But I love the site!!


Decent deals in amount (percentage off), some limited quantities that you have to be the early bird to catch. The format is probably one of the better one’s out there.


Works pretty well, I did get some codes that did not work but it was easily resolved without being penalized Contacting the seller is a waste of time as you will not get a response.
Many items to choose from, many i need or want. Interesting items as well that id like to try highter than normal price of other review sites..


Unsure, but will be pinging them to ask! I will also update this page to show all the countries they support.


Great review site. I got quite some good deals with deep discounts of the items I really want, and something I will use so I can write review on. When you request for coupon code, you get it right away if it’s available. Not like some other review sites, you need to wait for approval, then you waited for a long time and never get any response. (Especially if you are new to doing this.)
Thanks for putting up the list of Amz review sites!


I registered days ago but never received a verification e-mail. I contacted them and still nothing.


I am not able to search for items, it doesn’t let me type butbuy one letter in and sends me back to the home screen, please fix


I found some great deals with promotional codes from this site, it’s definitely worth checking out.


The site in general is good a lot of good offers. the biggest problem is they offer a lot of sex toys and pornographic items. I really don’t care that they offer this but it should not be available for children or anyone who doesn’t want to see this Right now the chose .is to either not use this site or be forced to see it. this should be a simple fix by putting this into a separate Adult folder for those who choose to shop and still allow other to shop without being forced to I have requested this to them 2x now and I guess they don’t care about the customers


I tried to get 3 different items and none of the codes worked. 🙁
I’ll try again in a week or so & hopefully it’s fixed or I’ll be deleting my account.


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