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screenshot of dollar review club website

Screenshot of Dollar Review Club’s website as of Aug 6, 2016

Dollar Review Club details

Based in:
United States
Countries supported:
Subscription cost:
Product cost:
free and discounted
Review window:
“around 48 hours of product arrival”
Notable sign up requirements:
Email, create password, and choose 3 favorite categories
Support email:

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Overview of Dollar Review Club for Reviewers

This is a new kid on the block. Similar setup as other review sites in that they have a huge marketplace where you can apply to get codes. Looking through the Seller instructions below, some items may be instant approval whereas others may require the Seller to review your Amazon Profile/reviews first.

I noticed a breadth of products from fashion, pet supplies, electronics, home furnishings and more.

The following instructions for Reviewers are from the company.

  1. Sign up as Customer(FREE), Provide your Amazon Profile Link and verify, log in when email verification is done
  2. For beginner you have 1 quota, you can claim any product you like. To access the code, it is based on seller’s code access condition setting.
  3. For example if seller set “None: Anyone can access your discount code”, you can claim the product promo code directly.
    dollar review club reviewer Step 1
  4. Now you can use the code to purchase it on Amazon 🙂 After around 48 hours of product arrival, give a trial and provide honest review.
  5. After your review is finished, click “Check my Review” in My Review Status on Dollar Review Club. Once pass it will return our quota back, and you can access other products! (Sometimes it will surprises you that you will get another quota so you can claim 2 products at a time~)
    dollar review club reviewer Step 2

Reviewers: Tell them I sent you!

NOTE: Looks like their website is not working right now. Will keep checking to see if comes back online.

Overview of Dollar Review Club for Sellers

The following instructions for Sellers are from the company.

  1. Sign up as Seller (FREE), log in when email verification is done
  2. In My Product Review Status, Click “+ Launch New Product” to begin launching:
    dollar review club Seller Step 1
  3. In Launch New Product Page, enter your ASIN and click “Verify”, it will start to reach your data on
    dollar review club Seller Step 2
  4. Almost all datas are reached (Amazing!), you just need to do few things more:
    dollar review club Seller Step 3
    1. Discounted Purchase Price, which the price seller wants to giveaway (can be free :))
    2. Upload your promo code, .txt file which is downloaded from seller’s Amazon account backend system
    3. Launch Time on DRC/End Time for your promotion
    4. Set Code Access Condition, choose below 3 conditions that set to reviewers of:
      (1) None: Anyone can access your discount code (Means no matter how many checked reviews for a reviewer on Amazon, he/she can get your code directly without approval)
      (2) Auto-Approval: Automatically approve customers with ___ or more reviews. (Means reviewers have to have more than ___ checked reviews on Amazon so that he/she can get your code.)
      (3) Manual Approval: You decide who receives your discount code. (Means seller has to manually approve all requested reviewers and see each one to approve/disapprove based on their Amazon Profile Link, Reviewer ranking & Helpful votes)
    5. Review Suggestion to Customer (Means you “suggest” reviewers to provide what kind criteria of reviews, like above 200 text count, or video/photo needed
  5. Once done you can Preview it, and then Launch. The Interface will look like this for example:
    dollar review club Seller Step 4
  6. Seller can further check the product promo code taken status/review increasing in My Product Review Status:
    dollar review club Seller Step 5

Sellers: Tell them I sent you!

Note: the link below is fixed! Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Dollar Review Club + sign up

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Amanda Rhodes

Sign up….FAIL. It says Amazon profile failed, when I clearly know what I am doing.

Dollar Review Club

[Dollar Review Club] Hello @LORA SWANSON @vee @Amanda Rhodes
It’s all fixed as previously we encounter some server issues 🙂
Please let us know if you have any other issues 🙂

Dollar Review Club Team


december 2 2016, i am having log in issues.
the error said the amazon name can not be greater than 20 characters, mine is only 14.

Kelly Farrell

Attempted to sign up but the error message says my Amazon URL is too long, may have only 14 characters.


for those saying that your url profile failed, I tried about 7 times before I realized you have to enter ONLY the ID of your amazon profile which is not the full URL. I registered about 3 months ago so I cant state exactly how I got it but try only doing the last part of the URL

Caroline Hildebrand

Ok I have been a member of this site for awhile, I applied for 3 product tests (the only $1 ones available) and the sellers never responded… these same three products are still up for applications and there is only one more available. Not really worth much of my time as I will buy 100 plus products per month to test. (its what I do)

Resa W Sears

I have been waiting for over 3 weeks, they immediately took my money and i’m still waiting. Absolute no contact from them at all. I WILL NEVER order from them again.


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