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etailz reviewer program website

Screenshot of etailz Review Program’s website as of Sep 12, 2016

etailz Review Program details

Based in:
Spokane, WA, USA
Countries supported:
USA (with UK, Canada and Germany coming soon, but Reviewers/Sellers can use the support email below to be added to the list for non-USA countries.)
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
“heavily discounted, usually in the 80-90% range”
Review window:
14 days
Notable sign up requirements:
Name, Email, Amazon Profile ID, State of Residence
Support/contact email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of etailz Review Program

They send out weekly emails with the product information, discount price and the personalized coupons that Reviewers use to purchase the product. If you decide to purchase that week’s product, then you will not receive another discount until after you complete and post your review.

Their Sellers are looking for honest reviews from Reviewers. I was told they will never ask you to remove or change what you wrote about a product. (Awesome!)

They give Reviewers 14 days to leave a review so that you have plenty of time to experience the product. If you do not leave a review in the 2 week period, then they will send one reminder email giving you a few more days to leave an honest review. If you still decide not to leave a review, they will send you a disqualification notice letting you know that no review has been left. If you want back into the review program, you will need to leave that original review first to be resubmitted to the program.

They have a ‘recently featured products’ carousel on their page that I have to admit struck a chord with me. I saw the Memobottle – Reusable Slim Water Bottle that I had my eye on for some time—it’s been in all the design blogs and magazines. To see they got them as a Seller is impressive, to me.

Tell them I sent you!

UPDATE: Oct 13, 2016 Looks like they are pausing the program. Leaving this page up in the event they pivot and come back with a new program.

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Kelly Farrell

They are unable to receive any more applicants for product reviews at this time per their site


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