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Screenshot of Etekcity’s Etekcitizen Program website as of Jan 30, 2016

Etekcity’s Etekcitizen Program details

Based in:
Anaheim, CA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (buyers):
(program is paused)
Product cost:
everything was free
Feedback/review policy:
(program is paused)
Notable sign up requirements:
Not accepting sign ups at this time. They ask you follow them on social media (see available channels.)
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of the Etekcitizen Program

Note: Program is on pause. Info below is archived form when the program was active.

Like so many others I have posted, I just signed up with this review site. I’l be updating this after I get some product from them and go through the whole experience.

And, like so many other sites, they are not using SSL sitewide to protect you and your information, especially in the account area. Seriously, your password is being sent over an unencrypted connection. Will be reaching out to them to get this fixed to protect you.

This program is interesting in that their FAQs claim:

In order to receive new products, your product review must include the following:
1. The review must include a picture or video and your honest opinion.
2. Share your review in your personal blog and/or social networking sites (Facebook, Google +, etc.)
3. Add a disclaimer to your review. This disclaimer should state that you received this product for free in an exchange for an honest review.

There is also a limit of one product per month, and up to 9 products per year.

Keep in mind that this program is run by Etekcity, a brand and Seller on Amazon. All of their products are their own—it does not appear to be a program that outsources reviews for multiple Sellers, just their own store. This is similar to how the TrueOpinion review site works.

Tell them I sent you!

UPDATE APR 26, 2017: I just received an email promotion from them. But, their site is still stating they have ceased promotions. A little confused, at the moment.

UPDATE OCT 29, 2016: They “have decided to pause all activities related to our Free Product for Review program”. I am leaving this page up in the event they start the program again.

Visit Etekcity

Let others know what you think of the Etekcitizen Program

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Randall Conway

They cut me off for no reason. I had been somewhat tardy in reviewing two of their products, but they reminded me and I got the review in before their deadline. Great products, but, like I said, they cut me off. No reason given, they just told me they were “discontinuing the program”.

rainy mitchell

the spam that comes with this sight is awful.. i have my blocker running like crazy!!! omg what lasting effects will this page have on my puter ? grrrrrrrrr


I tested 3 products between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016, but lately when I browse their selection of products to try out, nothing new is available. It’s been this way for at least 2 months now. I haven’t received any sort of notification that the program is being discontinued, but I’m guessing they now have way more “citizens” than they need. I haven’t had any spam, but I think the program is diminishing.


Signed up and was approved almost immediately, chose my review product, they and then was sent shipping information. I would have never joined etekcitizen if I knew they were going to sell my phone number (which is required for sign up). Within an hour I have had 8 calls from telemarketing call centers and they just keep coming. What a MISTAKE.


I’m not certain. Did they just start sending you emails even though you didn’t sign up?


I signed up, and got a product, right away. Did my review in a timely manner and haven’t heard from them since.


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