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home product testing

Screenshot of Home Product Testing website as of Jan 30, 2016

Home Product Testing


Based in: unknown, not expressly mentioned
Subscription cost (reviewers): $4/month (7 day free trial), enter PayPal or credit card information at sign up
Product cost: discounted
Review window: unknown, not expressly mentioned
Notable sign up requirements: email and PayPal or credit card number (for recurring subscription cost)
Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with Home Product Testing

I am not a member of this review site. While I commend their decision to charge a monthly subscription fee, I will not be signing up because of it (I just don’t feel like paying when I am on 15 bazillion other lists.)

NOTE: I foresee many other sites moving toward a fee-based subscription model in the future. The main reason is that it becomes expensive to maintain hundreds or thousands of subscribers and not be able to gauge their intentions. A nominal subscription fee could be a great way to cut the wheat from the chaff, as they say, and make your reviewer list more concentrated with highly engaged folks.

This is one of the first review sites I have seen that charges a monthly fee, and I foresee others following suit. I see charging a monthly fee helping the Sellers, Reviewers and the site owner:

  • Sellers feel the site has a serious reviewer base
  • Many of the problems you are facing on other sites competing against 50-150K other Reviewers for product is likely not a problem here
  • And the site owner is able to better budget for site maintenance and upgrades, while keeping lurkers, scammers and trolls to a minimum

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Ok. Click the big blue button above and sign up on Home Product Testing’s website.

E. Lopez

I recently signed up and my membership status reflects a “free lifetime subscription.”

There isn’t a FAQ section, but an email option for assistance. Does anybody have information on that or know of the companies response time?



Hi. Why do you say they charge a subscription fee? Do you mean for sellers, perhaps? I’ve been a member of this site for a few months now, have gotten 2 items to review so far… Never had to input CC# anywhere, so didn’t see anything about a fee, otherwise I would not have joined.


When I created this page I saw a section stating they were charging $7/mo subscription fee, even for Reviewers. I took a look around and I can no longer find it. Will reach out to them to see if it is now free, or still $7. Thanks for the update!


The website used to charge 7.00 bucks for a membership. Now it is completely free of charge but you must comply with their rules with getting coupons. Namely writing a unbias review . Hope this help .

Phyllis Cazares

I saw this too and signed up, but hesitate to order anything. Although some products are free and some have prices or percentages off marked, many I would be interested in have no prices listed. Being new to this, I hesitate when I have no idea what the prices may be. But then, again, I guess I’m not obligated unless I click to accept the offer if I get it????


Hey, you might want to check back once again. I signed up sometime this month and have tested a couple things with them. I don’t remember seeing anything about a monthly fee, and I just checked my account profile and it says that my membership is free. I’m thinking the $7 you saw was either for a seller profile, or they changed their policy.

Im new to the reviewing world, I appreciate your site, it’s been very helpful – just trying to help keep you up to date!


Thanks for letting me know! I have updated this page to show it is now free. Ley know if you find this changes or is incorrect.


I just went to the site to sign up- now says $4/ a month – first 7 days free….

Michelle Johnson

I have a few critiques of this website. On first look, I thought it was very simple and user-friendly. I love that the products are on the home page. However, you have to keep clicking the “Load more” button at the bottom of the page. If you click on a item to see the details or to request it, you lose your place. When you go back to the list you have to click “Load more” over and over again until get to the same spot; but there may be one or two items out of the order as they were the first time, so you have to kind of pay attention all over again. Also, there are too many products on the site for you not to be able to sort by category. There is a search bar if you are looking for something specific, but that doesn’t help if you’re browsing. After about 10 minutes on the site I gave up. I did request a few things while there, but I don’t know what the expectation should be for a response time.

Betty K.

I have been a reviewer for a week or so. I have now resigned as a reviewer. Yesterday morning (June 20, 2016) the products being carried included about 20 explicit “adult” entertainment items, including pictures. I sent an email to their customer service asking if there was a way to have my settings changed to NEVER see these items. Sadly no, and the reply was that they do not allow them, they have a small staff who cannot monitor everything every day, and they would be removed immediately. Their removal was incomplete and about 5 items remained. When I complained again, they said that between now and July 1 there is going to be a $4 per month fee for reviewers – to allow them to hire more staff. Hence, my resignation. Reviewer – beware!!


I have been signed up with them since 6/20. I logged in there to cancel my subscription there as I haven’t used it and in my profile it says ‘free for 1 month’, so my month is up. They seem shady because there’s no FAQ or way to remove your credit card/payment info or cancel on line. I sent them a message through their site to cancel my account.


Update: They, pretty promptly, replied via email to my msg to them through their website. Long story short I didn’t see a Cancel button in my subscription page because I signed up when it was still free. They were courteous in their emails and deleted my account for me.


Went through a few months of products to see what they have on offer. There’s nothing there the other sites don’t have, so nothing for me that justifies a monthly fee.


This site is a scam. They charged my paypal account $4 for membership one month ago. I was happy to pay the fee to try them out for a while. They deactivated my account after the 2 week trial even though I paid them. I’ve been sending messages through their contact page for 3 weeks with no response. I purposely waited until the month was up to write this feedback in the hopes they would make good. I’m sorry to say… that my initial reaction, that this is a scam, seems to hold true.

Craig Schaffer

Followup: As expected they charged me again… still never activated my membership. Calling my credit card company now. Stay away from this scam site.


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