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Honest Few

Screenshot of HonestFew as of Nov 15, 2015

HonestFew details

Based in:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Countries supported:
USA, UK and Canada
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
discounted and free
Review policy:
Not expressly stated, but they are now “ending promotions for physical products sold on Amazon” and focusing on books (which Amazon still allows reviews-in-exchange.)
Notable sign up requirements:
Amazon Reviewer Username, Amazon Reviewer Profile URL, Date of Birth, Email, Create Password, mailing address, Phone Number
Support email:
[email protected]

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I have been using Honest Few for about a month and the products they offer mostly seem to be from one skincare brand. I have found they do great discounts on the products but the offers are infrequent and very niche.


I’m not sure why they have signups for any countries other than the US. In their Knowledgebase they explicitly state “At the moment we are serving only (US) reviewers. You can still sign up for promotions if you’re not from the US but you won’t be able to claim any of the products promotions for review.”

I was also not able to view any promotions.


This could be a way to collect non-US emails so that when they do finally support those countries that have a ready base of subscribers.


Does this site still could offer discount code for review in UK? BTW, we are a seller on amazon UK

Sandra Nations

I am a member of Honest Few but the review site cannot be found for me to leave my Amazon review. Are you reworking the site or getting new people to be reviewers or needing people to review certain things?


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