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screenshot of product testing group website

Screenshot of Product Testing Group website as of Aug 6, 2016

Product Testing Group details

Based in:
Reno, Nevada, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (buyers):
Product cost:
“Currently discounted items only” (working on adding more free items)
Review policy:
“Testers are not obligated to leave a review. Any discount codes issued through the website are NOT being given in exchange for a review.”
Notable sign up requirements:
First and Last Name, Email, create username, create password, 1-question survey of types of products you are interested in.
Contact support:
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Product Testing Group

UPDATE Mar 30, 2017: The site has a new owner, Kevin. By the sounds of it, he is looking to grow the number of Sellers and Product Testers. Look for some changes to come to this program shortly.

Here they call us “product testers”, and you are still required to leave a review. I appreciate the emphasis on ‘testing’ the product than just writing reviews. (We should all be testing these products fully before writing our reviews.)

The have a large marketplace for you to choose product from. At the moment it is all discounted product, but the owner told me that they are working on getting some free product soon.

I noticed their marketplace has lots of electronics, as well as watches, apparel, toys, kitchen/BBQ, pet supplies, hand bags, leisure, personal grooming items and more.

I was notified that they made some updates since I first posted this page:

  • The site is now protecting you and them with encryption/SSL site wide.
  • They now have an affiliate program open to all members.
  • FAQ page is up and being updated.

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Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Product Testing Group + sign up

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I looked up the site and found 2 separate products I’ve bought on Amazon. (Product Testing Group) claims you’re getting them at a 40% discount when in fact it is really 10% or 15%.
I won’t deal with dis-honest sites.
Maybe your next blog could be about how these companies are making money selling to reviewers.

Shana Haaland

I totally agree with you Corinne. Not at all what I was expecting when I signed up. I wanted to give reviews on products after testing them. I always read product reviews before purchasing a product online and rely heavily on honest and informative reviews. Sorry to say that I don’t think they will be getting any from this site. It is more of a discount shopping site.

Shawn Swanson, Co-Founder

Hi Corinne,

We’re sorry to hear you came across a couple of products which do not appear to be discounted as shown on our site. Prices and associated discounts are accurate at the time the seller posts their product. There may be competing sellers offering the same product at a different price. Please be aware we are constantly reviewing posted products and contacting our sellers to inform them if codes are no longer active or if their pricing has changed and has not been updated.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We kindly ask that if anyone notices a discount discrepancy to please let us know so we can act accordingly.


I have time and I also enjoy reviewing products. I was in the process of joining this review site and as I am looking at the site, I notice that the pricing of products are more than


I have time and I also enjoy reviewing products. I was in the process of joining this review site and as I am looking at the site, I notice that the pricing of products are more than what I find online everyday. Good Luck with having qualified people sign up. Thanks


Yeah, don’t waste your time with this garbage website. Everything on there is always overpriced trash that’s only 10% – 30% off…. don’t bother wasting your time on this one, and instead stick with websites that have ACTUAL discounts for reviewing.


I just reviewed the website again, and I am currently seeing products at 30%-70% off in the marketplace. Click through the link to their site and see for yourself.


I actually got some great deals with promo codes from this site. I don’t know what awesome super discount websites the negative reviewers of this site seem to know about that I can’t find… but this one actually worked for me without tons of spam emails.


I finally received an email to login link for this group. It took roughly 24 hours to receive this link after I signed up. Patience is definitely a prerequisite for some of these review sites.


I just signed up and recieved something for free a back brace nothing major but I do agree with some these other things are not fairly priced


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