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review club website screenshot

Screenshot of Review Club’s website as of Aug 19, 2016

Review Club details

Based in:
Miami, FL, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
unknown, not expressly stated
Review window:
“within a couple of days of receiving the item”, reviews for supplements have a longer grace period
Notable sign up requirements:
Full name, email, and Amazon Profile URL
use form on their ‘contact us’ page, or chat window at bottom right of page

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Review Club

This is an exclusive, invite-only review program. I am currently not a member, and the site is closed to the public.

Based on their FAQs, it sounds like it works just like other review sites in that they have a marketplace that you can select product from. The number of products you can request depend on your status (bronze, silver, gold and platinum status/levels.)

Interesting note (on their FAQ page) about leaving reviews:

Am I required to leave a review?
If you’ve had a chance to try the product, please do leave a review on Amazon with your thoughts on the product. The success of our community depends on you, the reviewer! Without your valuable contributions, we will not be able to continue to offer such incredible Amazon products at amazing prices. There is no obligation to leave a review if you really don’t want to, but we just want to let you know that you, and your reviews, mean the world to us!

Tell them I sent you!

UPDATE Sept 28, 2016: The site is back up, and on a new domain. Link below updated. Thanks Jessica for the tip!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Review Club + sign up

Let others know what you think of Review Club

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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Joy Heath

I am a gold member and have reviewed 6 things so far. I have received 8 things so far and have one on the way. There aren’t many things on their site and it’s all from the same company so far. Every product I have received has been great. This was my first experience in free reviewing and I’m hooked. I didn’t even know about any of this until they sent me the invite to their club. Lucky me…… Which is what led me to your list. Thanks for all your hard work! 😘


I have been to this site several times and have reviewed products but it seems that the website has been shutdown. Unable to access. Anyone else having problems?


I’m having the same issue today as I had received some items today to review. It’s actually been great fun. I’ve reviewed over 16 products.

Crystal R.

Yes! Since last night!! I can’t get into the site! I also tried emailing and got an immediate failure saying that the email didn’t exist!! I don’t know what’s going on!! I also couldn’t find them on FB anymore!!

Jessica R Kimball

Yes. I too have been trying to log onto their site since yesterday and get a this site cannot be reached sign. Also like you I tried to reply to an email from them and got an email saying that the email address was not valid. Just started reviewing and was excited to pick my next 2 products to review. What a bummer.


I’ve also reviewed several products and the website is not working for me either. I have two products that were just shipped and no way to link my review.

Crystal R.

I have been using the site for about a month and I love it! I was skeptical at first but after my first order I was hooked. Unlike AMZ, another site that offers the same type of thing, you get the codes instantly and as you complete more reviews, you get to increase the number of products to request at once as you increase your “tier” level. Most of their products come from one seller and are organic products and supplements, but they are fun to test and, hey, they are pretty much all free. The selection is limited and sometimes the products sell out so you have to wait for products to come back in stock. I got my invite from FB – I came across it one day and jumped on it. Had never heard of them before and checked it out when I saw the invite and got right in. They basically had an open call one day. Don’t know about an invite code unfortunately. But the last couple of days I have had a hard time getting into the site. It’s like it doesn’t exist. I am going to keep trying. I am a gold/advanced member right now and I am almost to Expert level! I hope they didn’t shut down suddenly! That would be a bummer!!


They re-lauched had to move to a bigger server. is the new site location. got an email yesterday about it.

Fredrika Fichera

I went to their site. You can sign up to be on their “Wait List”. To sign up, first and last name, email and link to your Amazon profile. Then, if/when they will email you an invite. No guarantees, just gives you a shot at it.


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