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reviewer club website

Screenshot of Reviewer Club’s website as of Sep 29, 2016

Reviewer Club details

Based in:
unknown, possibly Hong Kong or China?
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
heavily discounted and free
Review window:
14 days
Notable sign up requirements:
Full name, email, create password, Amazon Profile URL, Facebook Profile (optional)
unknown, not expressly stated

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Reviewer Club

I came across this from an email they had sent me about joining. While reading the FAQs, it sounds similar to Product Pilots and Amazing Deals Group in that they also have an incentive program like “coins” (but, called “M Codes”) that you use to purchase, and get more after you write a review.

They are also like I Love to Review in that they crawl your Amazon Profile periodically to see if you wrote the review and verify it automatically. I like this method and wish more did it. With being a member of so many programs, it’s hard to remember which program i got this item from, and than have to remember to log in and verify my review. Ugh, so tiring. This automated system of checking reviews should be the gold standard.

They have a marketplace of products that you “snag” deals from. I saw a huge variety of products, from small electronics, household goods, kitchen items, arts and crafts, sewing, pet supplies and a lot more.

I have heard a lot of grumbling from Reviewers about applying for a product only to have the Seller deny you (because they first review your Profile and whatnot.) This program does NOT do that! From their “Honesty” page:

ReviewerClub shoppers are anonymous to merchants.

ReviewerClub shoppers who agree to review a product are anonymous to merchants. Merchants do not get to choose specifically who reviews a product.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Reviewer Club + sign up

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I can’t get sign up to work and it’s so frustrating! I really want to use this one!

maggie foxx

I can’t get signup completed either. I get error messages in bad English which makes it hard to understand what’s wrong. I think art of the problem was that after I tried a few times to get it to g through with my main email, I tried backup email. Then it went into an endless loop of “You cannon do that you broke the Ruie”. (Yes, they spelled it like that.) Then it told me I couldn’t log in the other way. It’s a shame bc this looked likek a good site. I don’t see any customer support to try and fix the issue


I am able to view the products they have available, however; I can’t sign up. I thought I was signed up, then I left site to view product on Amazon & once i returned to the site, site didn’t recognize my login anymore. When I tried to set up my account again with them, I received msg that I was already a member. Don’t know what’s up with this site, but obviously having some site issues that need revolving.


Apparently, this site is not in compliance with Amazon review policies, since they still require your review to get products. I would stay clear of this one, you could lose your Amazon review privileges using this site.


Hello, I had an account here and I loved it but one day when I tried to log in it said I broke the rules~wth? what rules? What r they talking about? Ive looked for a way to contact them but never found a way and I never got an email nor no kind of warning for anything so I dont understand whats going on. And of course like now they have things I want and cant get. Sucks7


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