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reviewloop website

Screenshot of ReviewLoop’s website as of Sep 11, 2016

ReviewLoop details

Based in:
unknown, not expressly stated
Countries supported:
unknown, but likely USA
Subscription cost (reviewers):
free, requires invite code
Product cost:
free (possibly discounted ones too)
Review window:
unknown, not expressly stated
Notable sign up requirements:
You must have an invite code. Apply below.
Use the ReviewLoop contact form.

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of ReviewLoop

ReviewLoop looks to have been around since at least October 2014 (since that was when their Terms and Conditions page was last updated.) On that note, their Facebook page hasn’t been posted to since May 2015. Along with the commenter below, I too am feeling that they might not be an active site anymore.

They are another review site that also uses a marketplace of products to allow you to choose the ones you are interested in (versus only sending out an email with 1 or more products to choose from.)

Invite code required to join

Like the Review Club, this review program also requires you to have an invite code in order to sign up. I do not have any invite codes at this time. Please click the big blue button below to apply for an invite.

reviewloop invite required

The benefits to these programs using an invite code to join can be:

  • it keeps the list small, and from growing too fast
  • members are referred to the program by existing members, helping keep the quality high
  • may be a way to help keep out Sellers or other review Sites posing as Reviewers

I did find their application form a bit humorous, see below:

reviewloop invite code form

Since you need to be a member in order to get access to the FAQs, I don’t have much info on them. If you know how this review club works, please fill us in by using the comments below. Thanks!

Tell them I sent you!

Use their Google Form to apply for an invitation:

View the ReviewLoop application form

Or, for more information visit the ReviewLoop website here.

Let others know what you think of ReviewLoop

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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Elisabeth Mount

Is review loop even still active? I got a code and signed up months ago, but have never seen anything posted!

Marie E

I got great products from them. For a while I was getting up in the middle of the night to check their page and be first to get nice products when the page refreshes lol. Now I haven’t really seen the page being updated for months… since about April 2016 i believe. The rumor is that they are not coming back but their website says otherwise. I personally will be keeping an eye out for them because a lot of their reviewers have given up on them already from my understanding and when they update their website they may have invite codes available. Back when they were active, it was my favorite review website hands down.


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