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Reviews 4 Success


Based in: unknown, not listed
Subscription cost (reviewers): free to join
Product cost: unknown, not expressly mentioned
Review window: unknown, not expressly mentioned
Notable sign up requirements: email, Amazon Profile URL, Facebook and blog URL is asked for (but not required) on application form.
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None! This review site just came in from a comment on the How to Get Free Products blog post, and I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible. I’ll be signing up shortly and updating this as I learn more.

As with ALL review sites, please do your own due diligence before signing up and giving them any of your information. Feel free to let me know what you think of them below in the comments.

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I joined and quickly left. It’s a Facebook group, and forbids leaving negative seller feedback, and requires permission to leave anything below a 3 star review. This group is a joke.


Not a big fan of this group. It’s all done through Facebook, and their rules are very restrictive. This is not conducive to good, honest reviews.

Carolyn K

Sorry you feel like that Marcheta and Chris, I do not think you read the terms. You can leave below a four star review. It says if you have an issue with the product to just fill out the product issue form so the admins can contact the seller and see if perhaps something was wrong with the product that was sent to you and the seller has the opportunity to resolve the issues if they can. I find that more than fair since these companies provide a service for the seller and the seller is providing the reviewers with free or discounted promo codes to purchase the product. I love the group because there is none of the petty drama that is in most groups I left.


You can leave a negative review if the seller doesnt fix the problem. But what i dont like is you have to friend request all of the admins and keep them on your facebook. umm no i post stuff there for my friends and family and no one else. they do not need to have access to my personal info. And you have to stay in group chats until your review is done (which yes you can turn off notifications but its still annoying) And you have to wait 5 days after receiving the product before leaving a review but do it before 7 days or you get booted. So you only have about a day and a half to get the review done. And they will boot you out if you dont order within 12 hours… thats crazy every other company does 48 hours. some of us have lives and may not have internet access for 12 hours. May work for someone else but not for me.


Funny, I have a different take on them. I recently joined and have gotten several deals and yes there are tight guidelines, but I find the whole process very organized once you get the hang of it and very professional and smoothly operated. Also, the group is a little smaller, so I don’t feel the stress of trying to rush to claim a coupon code of a new deal before some of the 44,000 other members of that group claim all the codes first. The products themselves I find to be of a little higher caliber quality wise, so I don’t mind if the seller wants the feedback process to be more collaborative and wants the opportunity to fix an error before being trashed in a thousand reviews. For some of these sellers, they are new manufacturers/marketers and want to get their product right, and that’s the reason they choose to give their product for free in exchange for feedback. If the seller is alerted to a problem/complaint about their product and doesn’t fix it, we can absolutely leave bad feedback in our review and a low rating. I am not affiliated with the admins (there are only 2 and I could care less if we are Facebook friends or not, so that doesn’t bother me) or the company, so my opinion about their company is just based on my experience so far.


I think you might be in a different group Stephanie because Reviews 4 Success is a small group. They don’t want drama and I for one am glad I don’t have to log in to the daily rant all in caps that I see in just about every other review group. Admins of other groups think they are above you and can scream and yell and threaten. The two admins here are so helpful and I have seen many people have issues in chat and they always say no worries, we understand just get it to us as soon as you can. They never even use the word booted the way the other groups do. As for being friends with them there are only 2 admins. Other groups have like 15 you have to be friends with. Staying in the chats is something many groups require and if your notifications are off you won’t even notice. I think they have a sense a humor they talk to us in chats, there are other admins that go ballistic if you say anything in a chat and that act like they are the school principal. These 2 admins are funny, joke around and are very laid back albeit professional. I like the group a lot. As for trying to work things out with a seller first, I think that is reasonable. They work for the seller and get us awesome deals. Like Laura said there is a much great chance at getting the deals here than in those overcrowded groups where you get trampled and hardly get a deal in some no matter how fast your are in replying.
I don’t mind them working with a seller to fix and issue and I respect that. This is my favorite group.


I’ve just checked out the Facebook group. Less than 300 members. How does a group of less than 300 supply the full marketing services that they advertise in their mail outs? Amazon reviews, blog posts, social media traffic, youtube etc.
What You Get:
4 Quality Blog Reviews and promotion on bloggers’ highly followed social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest)
2 Video Reviews-One Video Will Be Posted & Promoted Via Our YouTube Channel. Both Videos Will Be Posted To Amazon.
Product Promotion of Up to 50 items (Can be one product or several) -Provide us with 50 product codes (2 must be at least 99-100% discount and 48 must be discounted 90-100% off retail price of product.) We will distribute the codes to our screened, hand selected team of reviewers. Reviews will be at least 75 words, well-written reviews with Photos on every review, seller feedback is included with every review and all follow Amazon TOS with full disclosure. Many of our reviewers provide bonus videos so those will be above and beyond the 2 you get in this package.
Detailed Promotion Report- At the completion of your product promotion campaign, we will provide you with a report with all the links to the blog reviews, social media account promotions, Amazon Reviews and YouTube Video Review.
Sales Boost Special ONLY $99.99

The package looks great for sellers, but then you find out it’s a facebook group… mega disappointed!

Dani Porten

What’s wrong with a FB group? As long as you’re getting the traffic and what is promised, who cares?


I had to comment on the last comment as one of the owners of Reviews 4 Success. The person who posed as a seller to enter a private Facebook sellers only group copied a sale we had on a package that we do not even have running at this time. We removed her when we found she was pretending to be a seller in order to gather information to create a new group. Her post is full of so many inaccuracies I had to comment although I am flattered that we have so many haters because it actually means we are doing very well.

The first thing that is inaccurate is that we are a FACEBOOK GROUP. We operate our business from our website The Facebook page we have is just a business page and then we have a group that is private for some of our reviewers as there were many that requested for us to run promos in a private group as well because it was easier for them. In addition we have a private group for sellers just to cater to those sellers that wanted to be able to interact in that type of setting. That does not mean we do not have reviewers that review direct through emails of promos from our website. We, I am sure to your surprise have thousands on our reviewer panel that work direct through our websites via emails. All of our reviewers are hand selected and unlike most groups we hold them to a much higher standard.

To make a statement based on your own assumptions is foolish. It just shows you did not have your facts. Second, the groups on Facebook that have thousands of reviewers do because they let anyone review products, they are learning now that doing that set them up for huge issues. We are not wanting to run a Facebook review group. Myself and my business partner are professional digital marketing and brand promotion experts. We have over 40 years of combined experience in advertising and marketing. Most of the the review services around are run by people who do not even hold a business degree let alone have any experience in promotion or marketing and it shows.

Now I will address your comments about the bloggers we work with and asking how could we provide such services while looking at 300 reviewers on Facebook. If you visit our website you will see a tab on top for reviewers. That tab will take you to a form for bloggers and reviewers. The bloggers we work with are in a separate database and we run promotions with them that you are not even aware of. If you were to see our order services page you would notice we provide way more than you believe. We provide community managers for businesses, social media promotions, blog promotions, consulting services and much more for businesses. I am a pro blogger for almost a decade and work with brands like Coca-Cola, Walmart, T-Mobile, American Standard, Epson and many more. I am also a social media influencer with several well know blogger networks and I was hired as an online instructor for one of the biggest blogger influencer networks. I also was hired by that network to develop the blogger campaigns for brands such as Ziploc, Brawny, Mars, Hunts, Activia and more. To say we cannot provide the services we advertise is utterly ridiculous.

In the future it would be a good idea to make sure you have your facts before you try and slander a business you for good reason feel threatened by. Your lack of information made you look like a fool.

Simon Eric

This was an excellent retort and I must say I chuckled a bit. You really put this person in their place.

That aside I am a budding entrepreneur trying to set up a reviews-for-discounts company of my own, among other ventures, and you sound like someone with some valuable experience that would be a dream to get a few tips from about…well, where to start I guess. I know its a hopeful plea, but I had to make it anyway. Otherwise I wish you continued success.

Kind regards



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