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snagshout website

Screenshot of Snagshout as of Nov 30, 2015

Snagshout details

Based in:
Athens, GA, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (buyers):
Product cost:
“free and heavily discounted”
Review policy:
“You are not obligated to leave product reviews for anything you get on Snagshout. The site is open to everyone and we will never gate shoppers based off of their likelihood to leave a product review or not.” source: email
Notable sign up requirements:
at first just your name and email (or use Facebook login). Upon confirming your email, they ask for your Amazon Profile URL. Then a modal window comes up asking for your mobile number to verify you via text (similar to I Love to Review site.)
Use the Snagshout contact form
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Snagshout

I just signed up with this review site, so I will be updating this after I get some product from them and go through the whole experience.

However, I did notice that they have a TON of products available in their marketplace (must be logged in to view) that are sortable by price or discount or new arrivals and more. While only a few of the products I saw were free, many were deeply discounted to only $1-10. Lots of supplements, electronic gadgets, grooming, baby stuff and clothes, to name a few of the categories. Below is a screenshot of one row of product I saw in their marketplace.

snagshout marketplace

Reading the Snagshout FAQs tells you that they do NOT mess around. Glad to see they expect their reviewers to adhere to the Amazon reviewing guidelines and will kick you off of Snagshout if you don’t follow the rules.

Reviewers are ranked within Snagshout and can earn badges. Not yet sure is other reviewers can see the profiles of others or not.

In short, so far Snagshout is living up to its reputation as a reputable reviewer marketplace, and a real class act!

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Carrie Starke

I’m also a huge fan of snagshout! You don’t have to wait to be approved. However you do have to start out with only one “snag”. The more reviews you do, the more you level up and you can get more “snags”.

They also have amazing customer service!


TRIED signing up for this review site, and could not get my email verified.


Very nice site, usually 20+ pages of items to review and the turnover is reasonable. Quick coupons to “snag”. The only minor downside is you start with 2 snags and as you review one “snag” you get another one. Takes time to build up snags.

Hank Williams

You get a bunch of poor and cheap losers who purchase the one on sale then wants to exchange for another one which is not on sale. These losers use this method to scam sellers on snagshout and snagshout has basically no customer service at all. They just want your money. I used snagshout for a while and I left. Life is too short to deal will nasty poos losers, who just want to take advantage of other people/


Seems Legit. I was offered 3 snags from the beginning on day one. I received the discount codes immediately, and so far have spent less than $5 on organic beauty products from companies I’m already familiar with and love. I’m not sure what the complaint is here – They direct you to Amazon to do your discounted purchase so you aren’t doing anything through their website. Very safe.


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