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Screenshot of Testzon’s website as of Jul 21, 2016

Testzon details

Based in:
Countries supported:
USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, India, Mexico, China
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
discounted and free
Review policy:
Keep in mind buyers are free to review or not on Amazon. source: comment below from owner
Notable sign up requirements:
Last name, First name, Email, Password, Amazon Profile URL, Country
Support email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with Testzon

Wow! Let me start off by saying that they are attempting to support reviewers in more countries than any other review site I have listed! 12 in total, at time of writing.

This site just launched (July 2016). Testzon reached out to me to let me know, and now you have the chance to get in on the ground floor before everyone else.

Like so many sites I post here, this is so new that I do not have any experience with them yet. Let me know what your experience with them is like in the comments below.

Tell them I sent you!

Click the button below, then look for the flag icon in the top right corner to change the site your country. Again, they are brand spanking new, so if you don’t see products listed for your country, give them some time.
Visit Testzon + sign up

Let others know what you think of Testzon

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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I’m not sure they are ready yet, there isn’t any info how to use the site yet. I’m a bit confused as to what certain things mean. Plus it’s not in English.


Agreed, it is very early—they just launched this month. We need to give them some time and support by singing up. Most review sites have a chicken or the egg problem when it comes to Sellers. They expect these sites to have thousands of Reviewers at the ready on launch, and that is just not possible.

I am seeing the site in English. Did you check the flag setting in the top right corner?



You can ask us for a pdf guide. We explain how to use the site. We can send it by live chat on the website or mail.

For us, it’s the beginning. We receive a lot of people (sellers / reviewers) but some bugs should be resolved…

Improvements for the next week / month :

– Online guide (seller / tester)
– Product cards modifications
– Improvement of Seller / reviewer relation
– EXP boost : + 1 with a review and + 1 with a seller or reviewer recommandation
– More and more…

But keep in mind that we have an online chat (Open 12 hours by day).


I can’t register. I receive the error message: “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”.

Kent Galindo

I registered and verified via email but just minutes after that I was unable to log in and now the site says it does not recognize account credentials.

Evan Christianson

The website needs a search deals function. I cannot search the deals to see if there’s anything I am needing that i can get for cheaper.

Laura Hendrix-Leonard

I get the same “whoops” message. I am using a smartphone, so is it possible the site is not set up for mobile? Hope if that’s the case, they fix it soon. 😱 Mobile internet is all I have.

Ethan Salmon

I can say that testzon works and I recieved a pair of bluetooth earphones from them for free, however im still waiting on the seller to realise that I have written a review for there item so it can be checked off the list on my testzon account.


i have signed up but not sure whats going on or what to do. I guess everything is not free like it says on the homepage cause I clicked to review an item and it showed it was like $10.99 so i just cancelled it and left. I will just wait until I know for sure before I try it again. Thats my experience with them. Thanks

Testzon (Amazon review website)


@Ethan Salmon : You should wait seller validation (for review url) or automatic validation. (A seller can only validate the link, not the review or the stars numbers).

@MALINDA FULBRIGHT : Our website is free for sellers and for reviewers. But be carreful, items can be free or discounted. So some sellers give only 50% discount for example…

Testzon Team (Mail or live chat)

Testzon : Amazon review site

Hello ! will be improved with an important second update (Sunday : 08/28/16). Please, don’t hesitate to inform us on this page or by live chat if there is any problems…

New features :

– If sellers don’t confirm your review url, our website will automatically (1 week) approve it ! So EXP will be on your account very quickly…
– 1 product = 1 page
– FB and Twitter : sharing of good deals… (Like us to follow improvements and new best deals !) Best deals will be post automatically. For faithful reviewers only ! 😉
– Filters for products (New, reviewers price, popularity)
– Products > 20$/€/£ will need EXP to limit reviews requests (Except featured products which need 0 EXP to boost quantity of reviews). So expensive products will be review by experienced reviewers…
– Improvement of products search in reviewers back office (Similar to front).
– Technicals improvements : not very interesting for you 😉

Some people ask us to work with testzon for their country. We are thinking about that….Stay in touch !

Thanks to the +8000 reviewers ! Thanks to the +600 sellers ! In 1 month only ! Amazing !


I subscribed for the uk market place, requested some deals, but the requests are just there pending, some since weeks…

Lynn Haid

I’m not getting a email for conformation???? It states they sent me an email but I haven’t received one???? How long does it take to register??? I tried a few times Sunday and again today.



Hi, is this only for people in these countries?
I live in Suriname that’s above Brazil and I’ll be moving back tomGreece in December. Which sides should I go on?
Thank you

Testzon : Amazon review website

@Lynn Haid : Look at your spam folder or contact us by mail : contact AT

@Tatiana : If you change of country, you should change of account. To create an account with same mail please close your old account…


Bonjour,je n arrive plus à me loguer sur le site testzon avec mes identifiants.j ai tenté de réinitialiser le mdp sans succès .je pense qu un bug affecte le processus de changement de mdp.en attendant il ne met plus possible de me connecter…pas de bouton permettant de vous contacter sur vos pages…

Translated to:

Hello, I am no longer able to log me on the site testzon with my username. I tried to reset the MDP without success. I think that a bug affects the password change process. meanwhile it puts more possible … not login button to contact you on your pages.

B. H.

This is a great site – products updated daily and I was approved for review requests within 24 hours. Highly recommend this site!


I have updated my password three times and keep getting a credentials do not match our records error message. Please advise.




I got an email, a week ago indicating that someone was looking into the problem of getting the error message of credentials not matching. Haven’t heard anything back since the initial email. I changed my password, in case it was an issue of entering the wrong password, and I still get the same error message. Any ideas?


Hello !

Due to Amazon guidelines updates our website change.

Keep in mind buyers are free to review or not on Amazon.

Mini tchats are available on each requests to find a deal with buyers before sending coupons codes…

Now Testzon become a “deal” website. Exchange hub is died !

Rob M

Started off well but now every single request gets turned down.

I don’t know what their sellers are looking for


I cannot seem to log in. Even after resetting my password, I keep getting a “credentials doesn’t match” message. Is anyone else having this issue? I cannot see help section on the website.


Same thing as above. Tried to sign up but never received a confirmation email. Tried to sign in but never succeeded: “These credentials do not match our records.” Dead site?


I have been using it and my experience level is 15 and my rank is 337
BUT no one response my requests anymore.


It’s a good site if you manage to deal with the legitimate sellers. I however have been scammed by sellers offering paypal refunds after I purchase the product at full price, and then they don’t refund and also withdraw the product so I don’t get the EXP points! There is no contact us page to report any seller on the site either so I cannot prevent others from the same mistake I made. I will never deal with pp refund again as there are too many dishonest sellers. If sellers are legitimate, then they will be happy to provide you with a discount code, that I have used a few times before without problems.


Too many scams now refusing to give you discount code and say they can refund on PayPal then just vanish without a trace.

No way to report

And now the site logging in says “oops an error has occurred”

Used to be a really good site.. Now it s just junk and full of scammers


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