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trust review network website screenshot

Screenshot of Trust Review Network’s website as of Aug 20, 2016

Trust Review Network details

Based in:
Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
“at least 50% OFF and sometimes for free”
Review window:
“within 14 days of their order”
Notable sign up requirements:
mobile phone number to verify by text/SMS
Support email:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Trust Review Network

Looks like this site got a major design make-over and appears to have been heavily influenced by the I Love to Review review site. The design of the website is very similar, but this is not necessarily a bad thing: I Love to Review is one of the best and well-run programs out there. If this site copied even half of ILTR’s program, they I believe they are off to a good start.

From their FAQ page

How do I get these deals?
Sign up for TRN with your name and email address. You also need to verify your account with a mobile phone. This phone verification is to prevent fraudulent accounts. To grab a deal, simply click the “I WANT IT” button on the product page, and checkout on using the promo code provided. We recommend ordering one product at a time when using promo because some codes may conflict with other codes. When the product arrives, try it out and leave your honest review on within 14 days of ordering it. That’s it!

And yes, you must sign up using your mobile number so that they can text/SMS you the verification code.

So, their FAQs read like they have a marketplace that you log into to grab deals. I haven’t signed up, so am unable to report that aspect to you. If you are a member, let us know (in the comments below) how getting products/deals works!

Again, according to the FAQs you start off with only being able to grab one deal at a time until you leave some reviews for those products. Then you can move up to 5 deals at a time.

Stoked to see this in their FAQs

Do merchants have access to my information on TRN?
TRN does not share any or your personal information with our product companies. They only have access to any information you provide within your Amazon order.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Trust Review Network + sign up

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when I went to log in to this site google tells me it is not secure and not to go to it

venus cardinale

I join this website around 4 months ago (maybe more) and they still have the same products, and they only have like 15 products in their list, most of them are vitamins and herbs tea… not too attractive to me!


I had gotten a few things from them a couple weeks ago but now when I sign in it goes to the enter amazon profile which I did but it keeps telling me its invalid which it isn’t – sent them an email stating this and I have yet to hear back

Mary B.

I have tried 10 times and several different ways to enter my Amazon ID. I’ve done the whole URL, a truncated URL, just the ID alpha# … the site won’t acknowledge it, just says “not a valid ID”.

Mitchell Ball

We have discontinued our service as a result of recent changes in Amazon policy.

You can find out more about their new policy at:

Although we believe that our service is in line with their new policy, we have made the difficult decision to take the most conservative approach and discontinue service while we review.

As we have updates we will post them here.
AllStarReview Team


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