Anker Power User Review Program

anker power users program

Screenshot of Anker Power User Review Program website as of May 24, 2016

Anker Power User Review Program details

Based in:
unknown, not expressly stated
Countries supported:
United States*, Germany*, Canada, UK*, France, Spain, Italy
Subscription cost (reviewers):
free (Updated! See below)
Product cost:
Review window:
“within one week of receiving the product”
Notable sign up requirements:
create an account with username and password, plus declare country and city (“location”), as well as list various social media and sites you post reviews to.
Support email (updated):
[email protected]

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with the Anker Power User Review Program

Like a handful of other sites I have listed (TrueOpinion, GMYLE Lab, Etekcity’s Etekcitizen Program), this is a brand-specific ‘beta program’, or ‘genesis program’, that is run by Anker for their own products.

I was told about this reviewer program by another reviewer. I signed up and have been getting a steady (almost weekly) stream of emails from them since. Your first email should come within a week or two, maybe sooner.

They have a long list of products, and it seems like new ones are coming out at a steady clip. They mainly have electronics, but specialize in phone accessories like battery backups, screen protectors, chargers, and audio/speakers. There are even products like lamps and vacuums, keyboards and mice, and laptop batteries (which is how I first heard of the brand name.)

Subscription fee now?

UPDATED August 11, 2016:
Looks like they have a very confusing bit of marketing going on with their site. The images below sound more like they are charging you to apply. But, in fact some reviewers have mentioned in the comments below that they are giving you $30, or you have $30 credit. Or something to that effect.

Anker Power User Review Program fee

When you visit their login page, the following popup shows. Similar to the one above, but has some cryptic info: “1 x $5”, “1 x $10”, and “1 x $15”. This at least adds up to $30.

Anker Power User Review Program fee 2

*Their FAQs have been updated for some countries

I also noticed that a new line has been added to their FAQs. Not sure when this happened, but it appears the program is getting a bit too popular. It says:

For applicants in the US, UK and Germany, note that our program has grown very quickly. In order to better distribute our limited resources across diverse online communities, we are having to limit our program to applicants qualifying for the requirements below:

  • Comprehensive and detailed review history on Amazon;
  • Active online presence on platforms other than amazon, such as major tech websites (Top 100,000 on Alexa global rank and quality posts/threads), YouTube (at least 5000 subscribers & quality video), other forums (top 100,000 on Alexa global rank & senior member with quality posts/threads);
  • Valid links to your Amazon account, website, YouTube or forum must be provided for evaluation.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Anker + sign up

Let others know what you think of the Anker Power User Program

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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I think the $30 is something that YOU get for registering, not a subscription fee. Maybe you get a $5, $10 and $15 coupon for 3 different products or something? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s a subscription fee

Carah Robles

The $30 is givin to a new subscriber in increments of $5 $15 $10 which have to be used separately on orders and have stipulations for each coupon such as “can only be used on orders over $99”. The way to get free products is to sigh up for the “Power Users” and check everyday for available deals.


The $30 is the amount of discounts you get when you sign up (US only)
“$30.00 in Discounts”
$5 – for all anker store products
$10 – anker store products for orders over $49
$15 – anker srtore products for orders over $79


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