Arctic Product Tester Program

arctic product tester program

Screenshot of the Arctic Product Tester Program’s website as of May 7, 2016

Arctic Product Tester Program


Countries supported: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, USA
Based in: Hong Kong
Subscription cost (reviewers): free
Product cost: “free, of course”
Review window: “within one week after receiving the product”
Notable sign up requirements: Name, First Name (huh? why twice?), Email, Country, Date of Birth (optional), Gender (optional)
Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with the Arctic Product Tester Program

I was told about this program by a reviewer. I just now signed up and will update this as I learn more about them and their process. If you have experience with them, please leave your feedback in the form below for others to learn from.

This review program is part of ARCTIC Cooling Inc., maker of computer cooling solutions, computer and mobile phones accessories. Like Etekcity‚Äôs Etekcitizen Program and TrueOpinion, they only offer their own brand’s products for review.

Their star rating guidelines are pretty awesome:
arctic tester program review guidelines

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit the Arctic Product Tester Program to sign up

Let others know what you think of the Arctic Product Tester Program

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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Sandy KS

Just letting you know the link to the website is not working. Not sure if it on your end or their’s.

Not sure how I found your website. Must been from a friend. I think it is very formative and very helpful. Do you have any issue if I share your link on social media, such as Facebook?


I just tested it again. The link here is good. May be on their end. Try again and let me know if the problem persists.


I tested it on another browser, and I too am seeing the page not loading. Seems to be working fine on one browser, but not the other (both are Chrome). I sent them an email (guessed by using info@ and contact@ since their contact form doesn’t seem to be working either.

And yes, you can always share on facebook or other social media channels.

UPDATE: the contact@ email address isn’t valid.


I went applied, but info would be sent over unsecure connection and can be read by a third party. Wondering how safe it is.


Any site where you are sending and receiving sensitive information should be encrypted (https). We should be reaching out to these sites and asking them to use https.

Michelle Johnson

I created an account, but don’t see anything about reviews. I’ll be checking my email.


There doesn’t seem to be a way to create an account anymore, let alone any mention of reviews.


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