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Screenshot of Betabound’s website as of Jan 1, 2017

Betabound details

Based in:
Orange County, California, USA
Countries supported:
All, global, worldwide (though USA is likely more popular to get products.)
Subscription cost (shoppers):
Product cost:
Feedback/review policy:
Depends on the item. Feedback is always required.
Notable sign up requirements:
Just email and choosing a password for your account login.
[email protected], or use this form

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Betabound

I have been with Betabound for a few years now. I’ve been offered routers with wifi, home theater systems, mobile phones, fitness wearables and more.

Betabound is the public (or B2C) side of Centercode, a beta test management system for companies (B2B). When a company wants to test a new or pre-market product with real end-users, they ask Betabound to help find them. People like you and me!

They have a marketplace showcasing all of the public beta testing opportunities. They also email their members about beta testing opportunities that they feel best feel them according to their profile.

After you sign up, I strongly recommend you fill out your profile AND set up your test platforms. This tells Betabound what devices and types of computers you have to test with. They currently have categories for:
betabound platform categories

  • Game Console
  • Home Network
  • Home Theater
  • Mobile Phone
  • Personal Computer
  • Smart Home
  • Tablet
  • Wearable

Again, fill out the info for each of the above that you wish to test products. This does not guarantee you will get product offers for those categories, but it helps you get better targeted emails (as well as helps them seek out better opportunities in those categories.)

In virtually all cases, they are very good about giving you full requirements of the beta test upfront before you even apply. That way you know what you are getting into before you apply.

Apply to be a beta tester is NOT a guarantee you will be accepted. There are limited slots available, and many of the items are very cool (so interest in often high.) Just keep at it!

This program is for feedback; not reviews

Unlike many other programs, this one requires you use and give feedback about the product. If you are looking to get items and not have to write anything about it, this is NOT the program for you.

They are looking for honest feedback about your experience with the product so they can help their companies improve the products before they go to market.

In the vast majority of the cases you get to keep the product, though expect that some programs may require you send back the product (likely shipping is paid by them.)

In a few rare cases I have seen where the best testing is being done outside of Betabound, meaning they are simply sourcing the people and you are getting handed off to a third-party.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Beta Tester on their website:

Visit Betabound + sign up

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3 years… Still not got anything. I fill surveys will application but never ever been successful.

Not going to bother anymore wasted too much of my time for nothing


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