Screenshot of DealHustl website as of Nov 4, 2016

DealHustl details

Based in:
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (shoppers):
Product cost:
“product at massive discounts”
Feedback/review policy:
“No. We are NOT a review company. Your membership is not tied in any way to leaving reviews on these products.”
Notable sign up requirements:
Signups will start soon. They are in pre-launch phase.
Unknown, not listed.
Program status:
New / Active

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of DealHustl

This site just launched (early Nov 2016). I will send out a notice on facebook and email when they do start accepting subscribers.

DealHustl (“Deal Hustle”) is a promotion platform helping brands get exposure through their network of shoppers like you. They put it best:

Businesses hire us to create exposure and brand awareness for their products. We do that by providing our members with a certain number of units of each product at massive discounts.

They send out periodic emails promoting one product that you can claim by clicking through the email, getting a discount code and purchasing the item on Amazon.

I Love to Review was one of the best run review clubs out there. And I expect this program to be run with the same level of professionalism and attention ILTR got. I highly recommend becoming a part of this program.

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A little unfortunate that you can’t sign up – When I send a verification code to my cell phone, there is no where to ‘enter’ it in to verify your phone number. So the sign up process is corrupt. Oh well.. 🙁


Give them another chance in a little bit. The are in a pre-launch phase, and I am sure working through some bugs. Will be sure to let everyone know when they fully launch.


This program was once I Love to Review. Is it possible you were an ILTR member? If so, your account transferred over, I believe.

Susan Guarente

I had the same problem because I was signed up under “I Love To Review.” I had only done one review under the former site but met all requirements.


That’s okay you dont have to worry about that. Go to the Deal Hustl site and use same login info that you had on I love to review.


It is saying my phone number is already registered and there is no way to log in to try to even see the issue. I hope they fix this


This program was once I Love to Review. Is it possible you were an ILTR member? If so, your account transferred over, I believe.


I was a former member of ILTR and just now tried to sign up. I do not believe that our accounts are transferring over. I could not enter my cell number; I kept getting a message saying that my phone number is already registered. Duh. Of course it is already registered… ILTR! This was a pain in the butt to register. I had to use my husband’s cell phone number. Not sure if this is going to be worth it. I get it’s a new site but come on. Get the bugs figured out already!

Nicolette Melidones

I am a new member, and after signing up, the program states that my email address doesn’t exist in their system.

Now what? There isn’t even a number to call them on, just an address. Wow. Snail mail.


After sign up – email confirmation sends me to MarketHustl – and no where to login.
Now they have my cell number and name for marketing purposes. :/


After sign up, the email confirmation sends me to a site where I have to pay to join. Avoid this one. It’s a scam. Very disappointed.


You do NOT have to sign up for MarketHustl. Looks like they are sister sites, where one is for the Shopper and the other ‘paid’ site is for the Seller. I would not call this a scam. But they could use some finesse with the emails. I’ll be reaching out to them to see if they understand many people are not feeling comfortable with this drop-off onto MarketHustl.

Eva C

Here is part of the email I received from them:

I Love To Review
Nov 9 (3 days ago)
to me
Dear Eva,

Thanks for applying to join Please click on the link below to confirm your registration. No offers will be sent to you until this step is complete.

Your username is:
Your temporary password is:

You will be able to change your password when you setup your account.

Complete your registration now >>>>

NOTE: You will start receiving offers within a few days after you complete your registration. Just sit back and relax…awesome deals are just a few days away.

MarketHustl Team

It seems to me that they do want you to pay for it.


I got the same email as Eva. Very disappointed. If this is a “bug,” Tristan, it seems like an easy one to fix. And it should be done by now. I got my bogus “ACTION REQUIRED: Activate Your DealHstl Membership” email Nov. 25th, over two weeks after Eva’s. Feeling like I’ve been duped. 🙁


This site is not worth the effort it takes to go through sign up process. As of the end of November, the site had maybe 10 at the very most, “discounted” items. I personally could not find anything of interest.


I just received the same email as above and a text to my phone. The text info sent me to the old site. When I attempted to log in with the information they provided in text and email, it stated I could not be found. Bummer…this has taken a good amount of time to sign up for without anything to show for it.

deirdre lango

I could only input my name and email address. The link page was a blank. Tried three times to register on


I can still log into ILTR but when I go to DealHustl, I have no option to login, only sign up. And when I enter my info to signup, it does NOT kick back saying that I’m already registered. I do (rarely) get emails from DealHustl. I f I re-sign up, how will my account be affected?

Susan Guarente

Has anyone resolved the problem? I did not realize others were having the same issue with cell phone number. I had just started with “I Love to Review” when the change occurred and I had only done one review when the system changed. I really liked the company and it just seems to have changed name. I will keep working on trying to find a solution. Please post if you have resolved your problem. I will bookmark the page and come back if I able to resolve my issue. I am going to check my email account again as I did write a message.

Lisa B.

So, the site is up and running. I find it frustrating, but sort of addictive–trying to move fast enough to get something I really want. Everything sells out in a nanosecond, but when you DO manage to catch one, it’s exciting.

That said, I have a major problem with the illegal bait-and-switch on prices. YES, I am still getting a phenomenal deal if the item ends up costing 25% more than stated when I clicked on it, but it’s infuriating, as well as illegal. It keeps happening. There’s no one to contact about it. I’m pretty sure DealHustl doesn’t care.

I wonder what would happen if I contacted my state’s Attorney General to complain?


Anyone else have a problem (and solution) to not being able to see the window to agree to terms on a deal on Android? I get a partial window in the corner and cannot view all the content.


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