Gear Beast Product Tester Program

gear beast product tester program

Screenshot of the Gear Beast Product Tester Program website as of Oct 25, 2016

Gear Beast Product Tester Program details

Based in:
unknown, not expressly stated
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (buyers):
Product cost:
unknown, not expressly stated (likely free)
Feedback/review policy:
“All we ask for in exchange is your feedback in a timely manner.”
Notable sign up requirements:
Name (First, Last), Email, Mailing Address, List All Mobile Devices Owned, Past Review Experience
Include Amazon pen name or eBay username if applicable
[email protected]

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of the Gear Beast Product Tester Program

Similar to other product testing programs—such as Milliard—this is run by the company and is for a single brand of products. They are looking to get their products into the hands of real users to gain valuable feedback.

Most of these types of programs are free to join, and the products are sent to you directly, free of charge. This program does not state what the cost of for the products, and I am assuming they are free.

Most of these type of programs send out emails to their list for a limited selection of product (often 1-2 products). You respond to the email that you are interested and they let you know if you are selected. Replying to the email is in now way a guarantee of getting the item. I recommend you jump on them quickly!

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