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Screenshot of the GMYLE Lab website as of May 7, 2016



Countries supported: “United States will receive first round pick. United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy and Spain will become available after.”
Based in: Santa Clara, CA, U.S.A.
Subscription cost (reviewers): free
Product cost: free
Review window: “provide detailed and unbiased feedback in a timely manner”
Notable sign up requirements: “Sign up / log in to your GMYLE account.”
Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with GMYLE Lab

I found this program a couple years ago when Googling for ‘genesis program’, another term for beta testing programs that companies have. I have gotten periodic emails, about 6 times a year (maybe more), asking me to review a product. As with other programs like this (Arctic Product Tester Program, Etekcity‚Äôs Etekcitizen Program, and TrueOpinion ), you are testing only their brand of products. This is owned and run by GMYLE to get their new products into the market faster by having some beta testers write reviews before it hits the street.

Know that you are expected to also write your review on the GMYLE site:

expected to test the sample requested, then provide detailed and unbiased feedback in a timely manner. And then share your feedback on and Amazon US domain.

I typically just copy and paste what I wrote on Amazon. Never had a problem.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit GMYLE Lab + sign up

Let others know what you think of GMYLE Lab

Have you used them? Do you have insights on reviewing for them? If so, let others know what you think of them below.

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Michelle Johnson

This site has a LOT of products for Apple users! At first I didn’t see anything about reviews, but you have to click on the left menu and then click on “Laboratory”. You should also note that you can sign up for the newsletter without signing up for an account. In order to be in the laboratory testing program, you have to create an account and choose an item to sample. When filling out the info, keep scrolling down to leave spaces blank, like youtube channel if you don’t have one. The words above and below will be grayed out, but you don’t have to type anything, just arrow or scroll down. The choices are very limited, but it is a beta program. Right now, they are also having a clearance sale, so some of their other products are on sale for huge markdowns. Their cases look really artistic and original. They say I will hear back within 3 days about the item I requested.


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