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HDE Product Review Program


Based in: Allentown, PA
Subscription cost (reviewers): free
Product cost: unknown, not expressly stated
Review window: unknown, not expressly stated
Notable sign up requirements: email, first name, last name.
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My experience with HDE Product Review Program

I just received an unsolicited email from them asking me to join their program. At the moment, the ‘program’ is simply an email sign-up page on MailChimp. I checked out their website and there is no mention of the reviewer program. So, it looks like they are keeping this more along the lines of invite only, for now.

HDE (“HottestDealEver”) mainly sells electronics for home and auto, accessories for phones and cables.

I just signed up with them to see how this program works. Looks like it is similar to other brand-owned programs like GMYLE Lab, Mengo, TrueOpinon, and Arctic Product Tester Program. I’ll update this page to let you know how it works.

Information on how the program works is very limited, and we are left to assume it works like the other brand-owned programs. I’ll reach out to them to see if I can get more info on it.

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Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit HDE’s MailChimp sign-up page

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Michelle Johnson

Same here Christine. Hopefully, someone will contact us by email at some point. There is a lot of variety on their site and I would love to try some of their products in exchange for honest reviews. If not, there are plenty on the list.


I’ll look into this and see what the status is. Thanks for letting me know!


They sent out a Mass e-mail today due to amazons new TOS saying they are indefinitely shutting down service and will no longer be offering products for reviews or anything else unfortunately…


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