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jump send amazon discount program

Screenshot of the Jump Send website as of Oct 29, 2016

Jump Send program details

Based in:
unknown, not expressly stated
Countries supported:
USA (with UK coming soon.)
Subscription cost (buyers):
Product cost:
discounted and free
Feedback/review policy:
“The founding principal of Jump Send is that everything follows Amazon’s policies to the letter. “ So, leaving a review is optional.
Notable sign up requirements:
First name, last name, Email address, Create password
Use their support desk.
Program status:

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Overview of the Jump Send program

After the Amazon policy update, they Review Kick relaunched as Jump Send, focusing on email promotions for Sellers. Whereas the previous program was more Reviewer focused, this program is more Seller focused. They are still actively looking for Buyers/Reviewers, since having hundreds of active Buyers on hand is what makes their email promotion program work for their Sellers.

Emails are sent out (almost daily) with a handful of products highlighted from their large marketplace of discounted and free products to choose from.

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Sign up to be a Buyer/Reviewer on their website:

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I would approach this one with caution. The signup process requires you to download and install an extension.


I have found this site to be one of the best I have viewed & utilized. They have a large amount of items at discounted prices & also carry free items. You pick an item from their “catalog” of discounted items, then they approve you (usually takes 1-3days), & give you a promo code to use wherm orderring from Amazon. You can find your aporoval status one of two ways; they will notify you via email with code, or when on their site you can click on “My deals” it will have the word approved next to pic of item, along with promo code.They other neat thing about this site is that they order a view on Amazon Link directly next to item you are viewing that way you can confirm Amazon price & view specs & customer reviews associated with a product.. Interestingly, my husband has gotten approved for more items & more quickly then I.


This used to be an awesome site. Ever since they changed from review kick, it’s been terrible. I haven’t been accepted for a single thing. Very disappointed.


When this site was Review Kick, it was a really good site. Lots of great deals and you usually knew within a few days if you were accepted for the products that you requested. However, now that it is JumpSend, It is horrible. They have a lot more junk coming out of China and over half the requests I have put in for and have been accepted to get, have non working codes. Try dealing with the sellers. I have sent 2 emails every time to ask to get a working code and only 2 replies so far. One with a link to the actual PDF file I wanted and another with a promise of a code which to this day has never shown up. The rest have totally ignored my requests. Very disappointed.


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