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launch list formula website screenshot

Screenshot of Launch List Formula’s website as of Dec 7, 2016

Launch List Formula details

Based in:
USA and Australia
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (shoppers):
free to join
Product cost:
“up to 99% off”
Feedback/review policy:
“Members receive incredible product offers … and if they so choose are able to post verified purchase product reviews.”
Notable sign up requirements:
First and last name, email, Amazon profile URL, ZIP code
Support email:
[email protected]
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Launch List Formula

Kate and team run a tight ship at Launch List Formula. Since the new Amazon Review Policy came out they have revamped their own policies and relaunched the site.

They are looking to gather high quality members that can comply with the following two rules:

  • Only one item per member. When you are notified of a product offer and you wish to take advantage of the offer, then you may only purchase one item per offer.
  • For your eyes only. Any offer you receive is for your eyes only. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to share the details of an offer with any other person.

“These two rules are so important that any violation will result in immediate termination of your membership.”

They send out periodic emails with promotional offers. No logging in, no marketplace to comb through, no having to set alarms to check the site at certain times. Really doesn’t get much easier than this.

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Sign up to be a member on their website:

Visit Launch List Formula + sign up

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