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mengo product testing program website

Screenshot of Mengo Product Testing website as of April 9, 2017

Mengo Product Testing details

Based in:
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
Review policy:
“honest feedback about our products and what we can do to improve”
Notable sign up requirements:
Name, Email, Age, Gender
Support email:
[email protected]

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

My experience with the Mengo Product Testing Program

I never signed up with them; I just started getting emails from them about 2 years ago. I only noticed that they had a reviewer program when I scrolled to the bottom of their page.

My guess is this is also an email only program, meaning no need to sign in or view a dashboard or marketplace. They simply email you a promotion, you reply that you want it, and they send you the item or code (they have done both with me in the past.)

Like a handful of others I have listed (TrueOpinion, GMYLE Lab, Etekcity’s Etekcitizen Program), this is a brand-specific ‘beta program’, or ‘genesis program’, that is run by Mengo for their own products.

Over the years I have received about 5-6 products from them, all mobile phone accessories. And I have to say that the Mengo products have been some of the best quality items I have ever received in trade for my honest review. They are one of the first brand names I think of when it comes to friends and family saying they are in need of a mobile phone accessory. Seriously!

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Michelle Johnson

It is really hard to find a cute phone case that also protects your phone (unless you have an iphone), but Mengo has the cutest gold case for my Note 5! I can’t believe it’s priced at a third of what I paid for my super boring Otter box phone case. It looks really durable and I can’t wait to hear from them so that I can see for myself!

david e

When I go to this site it says that it has been suspended. Clicking on any links takes you to sex sites. Must have been hacked.


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