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Screenshot of Milliard Product Releases and Promotions website as of Sep 1, 2016

Milliard Product Releases and Promotions details

Based in:
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (buyers):
Product cost:
discounted and free
Review policy:
“This is not a solicitation of a review. There is no requirement to submit an Amazon profile and Milliard cannot track if a review is posted.” source: email
Notable sign up requirements:
Sign up is just email—nothing else
Support email:
unknown, not expressly stated

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of the Milliard Product Releases and Promotions

UPDATE: since the recent change to the Amazon Guidelines on reviewing product, Milliard has reached out to me asking that you “subscribe to Milliard Product Releases and Promotions to receive coupons for new product releases and exclusive deals on current Milliard products.”. They also updated the name of their program from “Milliard Brands Reviewer Program” to “Milliard Product Releases and Promotions”.

This is a program run by Milliard Brands to get their own line of “bedding, pet supplies, pool items, cleaning products, yoga and fitness equipment, organic teas and nuts, candies, grocery items, and more” into the hands of consumers like you.

To be clear: you are signing up for their email newsletter that may contain promotional material other than just coupons. If you are truly interested, I recommend being patient and opening all their emails they send.

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Apply to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit Milliard + apply

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Nora Grahe

Love to join but can not find where to do so… Can someone help me, please, Thank You.


Click on blue button above. Enter your email (text box is in orange/yellow area of the page.) That’s it!


I signed up with Milliard a couple of weeks ago, but I still haven’t received an acceptance letter or confirmation email. Can you please direct me as to what to do next?
Thank you,


In all likelihood: wait. Many review programs are running lean, simply adding your email to a subscriber list for the next time they need it. That ‘next time’ could be tomorrow, could be a month from now. Again, in many of these programs they simply don’t contact you until then. I’ll be reaching out to them to check their status at this time.


Honestly, it looks like the Reviewer program is non-existent and the signup is only one if those opt-in for email updates and offers type of things. Not for Reviewing &/or discounts in exchange.


In the text above you should find that we have updated this page to reflect just that: “To be clear: you are signing up for their email newsletter that may contain promotional material other than just coupons.”

Like virtually all other programs, they are offering discounted products. And yes, they are also using their regular promotional email list to do so. This is the best way they felt they could handle to the new policy change.

I still think this is a great program to sign up for discounts on a wide range of household items.


Agree with Tristan. While they no longer do free products in exchange for a review, they do run very big promotions and deals that I believe are exclusive to this club. I signed up and am really happy I did, because they run some really big discounts and exclusive sales. I don’t know how, I would think they would have to be taking big losses with some of the discounts because they are so high, but I guess they do it to jump-start sales or something like that.


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