MIU COLOR Product Testing

miu color website screenshot

Screenshot of MIU COLOR website as of Dec 8, 2016

MIU COLOR details

Based in:
Bay Area, California, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (shoppers):
Product cost:
majority of the products are free, some are $0.99
Feedback/review policy:
“Post your review on Amazon or your website, or share it on your social media, send us a feedback via email.”
Notable sign up requirements:
Just email and choosing a password for your account login
review@miucolor.com, or use this form
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of MIU COLOR

This a Seller on Amazon that maintains an email list of shoppers/reviewers that they reach out to periodically with offers. All offers are in the MIU COLOR product line, similar to Anker and GMYLE Lab, and the other brand-run product testing programs.

All of my transaction with them have been via email. I have not had to login. Though, during signup it appears you create an account to manage your benefits (listed on the signup page.)

Their site still mentions leaving a review on Amazon, but also gives you the choice to post “your website, or share it on your social media, send us a feedback via email.” Nowhere does it state you must to write a review on Amazon, which still falls in line with the new Amazon policy.

They make oil diffusers, water bottles, home & outdoor, pet supplies, and more. I got a thin parachute material beach blanket from them that has been very useful.

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Sign up to be a Product Tester on their website:

Visit MIU COLOR + sign up

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I would love to be to sign up to be a product tester. I have 3 diffusers in my house and I love them and use them every day. I would love to try and review other ones and also be a customer as wrll


I would absolutely love to test products !! I do not have a diffuser myself, but I was looking to buy one.. I’ve heard great things about them 🙂

Mia Z

I just signed up. They have a daily wheel you spin for prizes such as discounts. I spun and got a code for 20% off which took me to Amazon. They do not have a lot of products and they are expensive. An oil diffuser is $29.99 so even with 20% you are still paying $24 for an item you can get for $12.99.


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