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smiley360 website

Screenshot of Smiley360’s website as of Jul 23, 2016

Smiley360 details

Based in:
unknown, not expressly stated, likely USA
Countries supported:
USA, maybe elsewhere?
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
vast majority are free, but some could be discounted
Review window:
unknown, not expressly stated
Notable sign up requirements:
Email, create password; or use Facebook/Twitter login
Program Support:
they have a Help Center

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of Smiley360

This is no fly-by-night company in that it has been around for a very long time, with some reviewers joining over 5 years ago.

I am listing this as a “Product Review Site” since it is not only about getting product from Amazon with the expectation of only reviewing on Amazon. They also want you to use your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, “Smiley Connect, Instagram, Pinterest, your personal blog, YouTube or on an online review site such as Amazon.” Though, no matter where you post your review, you still are required to state the disclaimer we are all so used to leaving at the end of our reviews. In an interesting twist, Smiley360 states you can also just use a hashtag on social media:

An example of how you can do this is to include the following phrase in your review:

“I received [product name] for free from Smiley360.”
Or you can simply add the hashtag(#) #freesamp to the end of your post:
“Loved trying [product name]. I would definitely recommend this. Check it out #freesamp”

On that note: they do say that “Facebook and Twitter are usually required for most of our Missions.” Missions are what they call ‘product reviews’. It’s a task for you to review a product (which you can decline or not accept.) Sounds like only reviewing items on Amazon is not exactly what they are after. You may even find they ask you to post your review on,, and other ecommerce sites.

Their Help Center and blog are HUGE and deep. They cover just about everything, though I still can’t find where they state how long you have to post your review. Maybe it’s part of the Mission details?

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It’s a page describing the Smiley360 review program. It’s also a place for those that have used the program to comment on it so that other may make a more informed decision about signing up with them.

Kali Lemon

I’ve been a beta tester for Google apps since 2004 N still holding strong.. Is really like to Test amazon deals n really give them my input.. I do now when customers ask me bout products they want n I’ve reviewed..


I can’t find anything to review on this site. It’s my least favorite of all listed.

Hollie Modiano

I’ve been a member of Smiley360 for about 2 years. You have to do lots of surveys to possibly get accepted & so many times it say I don’t qualify. I’ve never been offered full size products to review, after lots of long annoying surveys , even when I qualify, it’s only samples for me personally. Also I’ve only gotten a handful of samples & it’s always things like a small sample package of medication etc. So from my personal experience & what I know about this site, I don’t think it’s really an Amazon review site like the others listed here on reviewer collective. I’ve pretty much given up on this one. But I really enjoy lots of others you have listed! So -thanks!

R Savoia

I’ve been a member of Smiley360 for over two years and have only received two missions. Both were for the same type of product (gummy vitamins). Since then there has been nothing except surveys and the occasional promo to sign up for a vendor’s mailing list on the promise of a little discount on a product I wouldn’t need.

There are only two areas where one can interact with the system – the ability to comment on products (supposedly) given away on the platform in the past and the Smiley380 blog. Other than those, there is no outlet for real social connections or interaction between Smiley360 members. Due to the lack of tools for any real social interaction, unless one receives an e-mail request to join a mission, there is not much of an incentive to log into the dashboard.

We reviewed Smiley360 about a year ago on The Free Stuff Show Podcast. It was fair, honest review and presented both pros and cons based on our own personal experiences with the platform. Perhaps that’s why we haven’t received any other missions since then.


I personally don’t see why people complain about the lack of missions. All you gotta do is be an active member of the community and get involved. You’ll earn points, badges and you’ll soon start getting more mission.
If you’re not getting anything maybe it’s because you’re not the right fit for the companies, maybe you don’t have enough points, maybe your previous mission feedback was crap, idk. All I know is that I personally never had any issue with them and even tho you don’t get swamped by the amount of mission, you get discounts, free vouchers and that kind of stuff on a regular basis.


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