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product testing program website

Screenshot of the Product Testing website as of Apr 28, 2017

Product Testing program details

Based in:
Gloucestershire, UK
Countries supported:
Canada, France, Ireland, UK, USA
Subscription cost (product testers):
Product cost:
Feedback/review policy:
“no longer require you to leave a review to gain access to the deals”
Notable sign up requirements:
Facebook login. Or create account with full name, email, and password.
Use the Product Testing contact us page

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of the Product Testing program

This is a fairly recent addition to the product testing programs out there. Based in the U.K., they are offering products to product testers in the UK, USA, Ireland, France and Canada.

Alex, one of the five people running this program, told me that they offer members a “personalised recommended offers system for logged-in members”. I took a look at their marketplace of products and I’m seeing a wide range of items from apparel, home decor, headphones, accessories for electronics, kitchen gear, knives, workout supplements and much more!

How it works

You sign up using your Facebook login or by creating an account using your email. Then you shop their large marketplace of products to find ones that you like. (You can also filter the products by country at the top of the list. At time of writing, I found that France did not have any offers.)

Next to each offer is a countdown timer showing how much longer the offer is available. Though, you will have to be signed in to see the offer’s coupon code. Not all offers have coupon codes, as some are simply deeply discounted offers for everyone to enjoy.

Tell them I sent you!

Sign up for their product testing program on their website:

Visit Product Testing + sign up

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Tony Coleby

No UK offers despite setting region.

Pitifully small selection of offers even in US.

“Discounts” as such don’t reduce price to even direct from China level.

Kelly Butler

Keeps saying amazon prime offers free shipping etc but every item on the site charges a huge shipping amount. None are free with prime 😕 You can find everything listed on here on amazon for same price just looking yourself. What a bummer.


This site (Product Testing) seems more like a scam. They have tons of products which they claim are heavily discounted to $0.01, and even though they claim that shipping is free if you have Prime, that isn’t true because there is a shipping charge.

Take this for example, 100 pk Lipton iced tea for $0.01:

However, there is a shipping fee of $8.30. And the original price is $8.30:


This is a scam site.

In fact. Now it wants to install ADWARE to chrome redirecting all my. Web traffic…

No thanks.

You need to update your site as a few these test sites closed or turned into scams


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