Screenshot of Promo.LaunchZon website as of Nov 21, 2016

Promo.LaunchZon details

Based in:
Sarasota, Florida, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (shoppers):
free or $2.99/month
Product cost:
“85% off (or more!) “
Feedback/review policy:
“you are encouraged treat the product as you would a normal Amazon purchase”
Notable sign up requirements:
Name, email, phone, mailing address, and create login info.
Check out the Promo.LaunchZon Help Center, or
Program status:
New / active

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Overview of Promo.LaunchZon

This is a fairly new site, and follows all of the new Amazon policy changes in regards to reviews.

What is interesting about this site is that—like Amz Deals Club—they offer a tiered pricing plan for Shoppers. There is a free plan (1 discount code a month), a paid plan ($2.99 per month for 1 discount code a day). If you pay for a year upfront, you essentially get one month free ($32.99 per year).

I know we are all used to free memberships in the past. With savings up to 99% off, in many cases the subscription pays for itself after the first discount code. Think of it as being a season pass to a ski resort or amusement park—after you go a few times it pays for itself.

They have a large marketplace with heavily discounted items to choose from. I saw faucets, kids clothing, beauty supplies, supplements, pet products and more. Definitely a wide range of products, many in the $20-$40 range, and even some upwards of $70.

Products are available for either shoppers in the U.S.A. or UK, and for the latter they are clearly market “United Kingdom only”.

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