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vanguard vip product tester program website

Screenshot of the Vanguard VIP Product Tester website as of Jan 14, 2017

Vanguard VIP Product Tester Program details

Based in:
Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA
Countries supported:
Subscription cost (product testers):
Product cost:
free and discounted
Feedback/review policy:
email them feedback, and share your review on sites
Notable sign up requirements:
Name, email, mailing address, phone, list your active social media sites, choose product category, “Include Amazon pen name or eBay username if applicable”.
Use the Vanguard contact us page

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Overview of the Vanguard VIP Product Tester Program

The Vanguard VIP Product Tester Program is a brand-run, email only (no login) type program for binoculars and spotting scopes, tripods, camera bags, riflescopes and outdoor packs. So, if you are into photography, this is the product testing program for you!

The program is fairly straightforward. They send out an email to their subscribers asking if they would like to test a product. If interested, you reply (though a reply does not guarantee you will get the product, since stock is limited.) Product is offered for free or at a discount. You then use the product (“making sure you put it to the test”) and write them an email with your feedback on how the product worked for you. They are also asking that you share you review on other sites, screenshot your review and send it to them.

This last part may seem a bit more involved than most programs. Keep in mind that many of these programs are not just for feedback and reviews, but they want to broaden their reach to new customers. They are looking for your help in doing that, which is why you often get the items for free or at a deep discount.

If you are NOT interested in photography or completing the last step of the program (sharing your review on sites with a screenshot sent to them to verify), then please don’t sign up for this program!

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Alessandra silva

Alessandra S. Carvalho
Sometimes products come different the description, picture or review. Photography equipment is expensive I can’t pay if don’t working just send back, I need know about the product test. Sometime I’m lucky come good products.


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