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Screenshot of VIPON website as of Dec 3, 2016

VIPON details

Based in:
unknown, not stated
Countries supported:
USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico
Subscription cost (shoppers):
Product cost:
majority of the products are discounted 50%-80%
Feedback/review policy:
you are not required to leave a review
Notable sign up requirements:
Email and choose password (for account login)
Use the email for now
Program status:

Notice something outdated above? Please tell me.

Overview of VIPON

If you used AMZ Review Trader before, you will be very familiar with how VIPON works. At time of writing, it is essentially the same site with a rebranding (looks like they still need to clean up a bunch of references to the former AMZ Review Trader around the site.)

They have a huge marketplace of products, with a broad range of products in categories like kitchen, apparel, pets, holiday decor, sports and more. I would be deeply surprised if you couldn’t find something you are interested in!

They give you the ability to search, sort and filter the marketplace. I recommend starting by filtering the product for the Amazon store you shop from. Each store/country has different product.

vipon filter and sort markeplace

Screenshot of the search bar and pulldown menu showing all the Amazon stores they support.

Expect promotional emails to arrive pretty regularly and showcasing select products from their vast catalog.

They are affiliated with AMZ Tracker

VIPOX is the shopper side of the business. AMZ Tracker is for Sellers, and helps them rank better in searches and more. As a shopper, you only have to sign up for VIPON.

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Visit VIPON + sign up

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Other Amazon Review Sites:

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Don Rull

I have a serious concern about Vipon, and many of the other discount sites hoping for Amazon reviews. Almost all of the products listed are at some ridiculous full retail price with a discount of about 50% which seems to being the cost down to what the actual selling price would be on Amazon, or elsewhere, anyway. There are very few items available at true 90% off or even free. It seems like a bad business decision for a business to exaggerate a retail price on a site through which they hope to obtain customer reviews. If I can get a Go Pro camera for $200, why would I want to get a knock-off for the same price after an 80% discount? Really, this is true for practically everything on the site. It seems that this site has really just morphed into another retail marketplace offering products at discount prices, like those rug stores that are always 90% off.


I agree and noticed majority items are even higher on there than Aliexpress site. Almost 70% of the sellers there are from China and have the same products listed on Aliexpress for a whole lot cheaper. I am dissappointed in VIPON and really don’t request that many items anymore. They post crap now and on top of that expensive stuff. I know I do not have to write a review but I still do especially if I believe in the product and it is worth mentioning it. Wish they could streamline more sellers and actually post real deals/freebies on there instead of trying to scam us reviewers.


I’m not new to this type of site so when I joined Vipon recently I understood the premise.
The site has a lot of non functioning sections/links.For example: I tried to get info from their help link which was not functioning. There is no contact link on their site (red flag!).
I realized I did have the original one sent to me when I joined. (, So I sent 2 emails and never received a response.

The method they use to request products is so frustrating.
Not one of my 11 requests has received an acceptance or even a rejection. They all remain “pending”…for over 1 week in some cases.
Is this even a real site??? I think I’ll just close my account and stick with “Snagshout”,(they respond to issues and question promptly) and they far exceed this ridiculous,disorganized, non functioning, very bad site.


Any chance you can help me close mine as well? Can’t ask them since there are no functioning freaking links… about ready to pull my hair out!


I set up an account, and it works for 3 days only. Then nothing gets approved or disapproved. The account stops working. So I set up another account that it does the SAME EXACT THING.


My account hasn’t worked since I registered. I contacted the “help desk” they say they’re working on it.

Kendra Morandini

I have been a member of this site since it was amzreviewtrader and love it. Almost all of my requests are accepted and almost immediately. The once that arent are usually not accepted.. by the seller! If a product runs out its logical thatthe seller stops answering requests. And actually, most of the sellers on this dite are NOT from China. At least they arent shipping from there. The bank on the fact that those of us that review Amazon Prime and I get almost all of my products the two-day shipping. The only complaint I have about this site is that once I accept the voucher, it’s very difficult to have the product removed off my list period but they offer so many vouchers every month at it has never negatively affected my requests. You do get unlimited requests and up to 150 products per month. That’s a lot. This is my favorite review site.

Holly Anne Bottas Black

This is definitely one of my go-to sites for bargains. Easy to use, never had any problems with them. Good response time, easy dashboard and doesn’t overwhelm your inbox.

Sharon Lee Lockhart

I was really enjoying my Vipon, but alas, it isn’t working today. Don’t know why, it worked last night. I also tried the links for Help, but not working today either.
I like the deals on the site and have really bought some great things, at very discounted prices.
Would like to see it all back like it was, I am looking forward to finding other deals there.


I miss the old site. This one is no different to just shopping on Chinese supermarkets now… Still handy to. Find offers or. Cheap stuff but prices are same as on the Chinese supermarkets


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