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Screenshot of VivaRate website as of Nov 30, 2016

VivaRate details

Based in:
Limassol, Cyprus
Countries supported:
UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan
Subscription cost (shoppers):
Product cost:
majority of the products are 0.99, some are free
Feedback/review policy:
“You are getting the product for testing and not for reviewing it, since we are not requiring you to leave a review.”
Notable sign up requirements:
Choose username, email, Amazon Profile URL (optional), choose password.
Use the VivaRate contact form
Program status:
New / active

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Overview of VivaRate

This just launched at the end of November 2016, and follows all of the new Amazon policy changes in regards to reviews.

They have a growing marketplace where the vast majority of the products are $0.99, some are free. At time of writing, the products range from beauty supplies, ergonomic support, kitchen gear, exercise, toys, and more.

I like that they have clear and upfront counters on how many coupons are left to grab. Some started with only 3 units, others over 200. Really nice and transparent, which is something you won’t find many places.

In speaking with the owner, I found out they are also trying to concerned about your experience, and “are always here with our excellent customer support team to resolve any inquiries.” Glad to hear! Again, this is not something you find in many of these types of sites.

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