ZeroLemon Reviewer Program

zerolemon reviewer program website

Screenshot of ZeroLemon’s website as of Sep 15, 2016

ZeroLemon Reviewer Program details

Based in:
Hong Kong
Countries supported:
USA, UK and Germany
Subscription cost (reviewers):
Product cost:
free and discounted
Review window:
15 days from receipt of item to post review
Notable sign up requirements:
Create username, choose password, then Amazon profile URL, address and phone number.
Support email:

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Overview of the ZeroLemon Reviewer Program

The ZeroLemon Reviewer Program is similar to other brand-run review programs—such as Mengo, Arctic, Anker, and Honstek—in that the products offered are all their own brand. They send out periodic emails alerting reviewers of new products.

ZeroLemon specializes in accessories for action cameras (GoPro) and numerous smartphones, such as battery backups, chargers, cases, screen protectors and more.

They describe a selective process in who they accept. From their FAQs:

Please be reminded that the reviewer program has limited spots. We will choose our users base on their internet influence, such as active online blogging and posting.

How can I increase my chance of being selected?
You can increase your chance of being picked by becoming an active user of social media, youtubes, blogs and electronic products forums. If you have purchased Zerolemon products before, and left a detailed review in our product review section, this will also help to increase your chance of being selected. If you fulfilled the above area/areas please let us know in your application.

You can review only one product at a time. So, select the one you want from the available products on their site in the “Review Product” section, wait for delivery, review it, log in to post your review URL, then select another and repeat. I saw dozens of products available in that “Review Product” section.

Tell them I sent you!

UPDATE Sept 26, 2016: Regarding the referral code not working… I got word from them that their website is updating and that anyone interested in joining can email them directly at

Sign up to be a Reviewer on their website:

Visit ZeroLemon + sign up

Let others know what you think of the ZeroLemon Reviewer Program

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It is, sort of. Just put “reviewer collective” in that box asking “How do you know this program?/Enter invitation code?”. You don’t need a code right now.

Anne-Marie Coppen

it does not work without an invitation code and reviewer collective does not work. Does anyone have an invitation code?


I got word from them that their website is updating and that anyone interested in joining can email them directly at I’ll let you know when it is updated and can use the normal form again.


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